Continental Soft Mount Vended Washer Extractors

Continental Soft Mount Vended Washer Extractors

Expresswash washer extractors are available in sizes from 20 to 90 pounds of capacity. These washers feature extract speeds not reachable by typical Laundromat washers. This means more water is removed from laundry during final spin and therefore less time is needed for drying. Your customers will like Expresswash because they will spend less time doing laundry and you will like Expresswash because you can serve more customers. With a full compliment of machines sizes, you can completely outfit a store with all soft mount washer extractors.

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Product Specifications

Expresswash 20 pound capacity: EH020

Expresswash 30 pound capacity: EH030

Expresswash 40 pound capacity: EH040

Expresswash 60 pound capacity: EH060

Expresswash 90 pound capacity: EH090

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