Speed Queen Horizon Front Load Washer

Speed Queen Horizon Front Load Washer

The Horizon front load washer is a very versatile small washer in that it operates on 110 volt power, is available in pump or gravity drain, is about the same size as a top load washer, does not require anchoring and is super efficient.

At over 20 pound capacity and with a huge door for easy loading and unloading, the Horizon can double the capacity as a top load washer replacement in an existing laundromat or act as an economical alternative for 20 pound hard mount washer extractors in the construction of new stores.

Horizon washers with the Quantum control allow for programmable water levels and near total freedom to do whatever you want in programming wash cycles. With less dependency on perfect installation conditions attributed to a soft mount design, the Horizon also spins at extract speeds over 400 G-force.

The ability of this washer to so effectively wring water out of laundry with very high spin speeds can take up the slack in situation where there is either not enough dryers or not enough dryer capacity. The Horizon is therefore a very good machine to help solve problems or be as efficient as possible.

The Horizon is also a heavy machine constructed of more metal in critical components than other models. For example, both the inner and outer tubs are stainless steel where others use plastic outer tubs; a sketchy thing to do for machines that will be used in a self serve environment.

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