Speed Queen Stacked 45 Pound Drying Tumbler

Speed Queen Stacked 45 Pound Drying Tumbler

Speed Queen was the first to release a larger capacity vended stacked tumbler after years of none other than the 30 pound capacity model. Everyone else in the industry scrambled to catch up, to quickly have an answer to something that was thoroughly designed, tested and perfected over years by Speed Queen.

Speed Queen continues to do what others can not by bringing to market commercial drying tumblers that do more than one thing well. Some have fast dry times, some boast about efficiency or low gas usage while others rely on design and quality. Speed Queen does all well.

And with regard to cost, gas usage and efficiency; someone once said "you can buy Speed Queen dryers multiple times for what your cost will be in gas usage with brand X." Today, its not just about the initial cost of the machine in the successful commercial laundry or Laundromat. Its about knowing what is available and making good choices regarding the long term investment.

Stacked Vended Drying Tumbler Brochure and Specification

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