Speed Queen Large Capacity Single Pocket Tumblers Overview

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Large capacity single tumble dryers are the perfect solution for hotel laundry rooms and other businesses that need to dry large loads of laundry quickly and efficiently. They also work for laundromats when you have customers who want to dry bulky items such as sleeping bags and heavy comforters.

These dryers move heated air differently from stacked tumblers allowing for a full service solution. Tired of searching for Speed Queen Dealers in South Carolina? Make the right choice by calling T & L!

Speed Queen Large Capacity Single Pocket Tumblers Overview

Single pocket tumble dryers have fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance for you. No one wants to spend time working on a dryer when it could be in use and making money. Fewer parts also means fewer problems, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have reliable, quality equipment in your business.

The large capacity single pocket dryer uses a high performance heater box which increases energy efficiency. It also reduces drying time and creates a more comfortable environment. Your employees and customers will appreciate not doing laundry in a hot, stuffy room.

Speed Queen’s patented oval cylinder perforations helps prevent damage to your dryer when items are left in clothing or bedding. The holes allow small objects to pass through without damaging the dryer’s sweep sheets.

It has an easy-to-clean lint compartment that is oversized to minimize the number of times it needs to be cleaned out.

The single pocket tumble dryer is available in 50 and 75 lb. capacities, giving you more choices to meet your needs. The larger capacity model uses the concentrated axial airflow pattern with sealed cylinder rims making it maximize air utilization as well as save on energy consumption.

For those in the laundromat business, we have several money collection features.  Like all of our dryers, the single pocket tumbler also has a single drop, easy to use activation system. It prevent coins from jamming and allows you to reprogram changes in your prices. The dual drop feature can give you both single dollar and quarter options, which works well for larger capacity dryers such as these. If you want to add a card reader to your dryers, you can do so easily and give your customers the ability to pay with a credit or debit card.

All Speed Queen products have the option of innovative control technology called Quantum Gold. This combines equipment controls and programming into one full-store management system so that you can adjust your cost structure, reduce utilities and increase revenue from wherever you are. The Micro-Display Control (MDC) gives a clear display that keeps customers informed in where they are during the laundry process. Your customer’s experience is enhanced because it has a user-friendly control panel which makes doing laundry easy.

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Interested in learning more about how Speed Queen products can bring your business into the 21st century with innovative technology and performance than can reduce energy costs and increase profitability? Call T & L Equipment Company today. We have been around for 40 years, and are one of the best Speed Queen Dealers in South Carolina. We serve markets such as business owners, healthcare facilities, hospitality services, corrections departments, athletic facilities, hair salons and spas, and the food service industry, plus many more. We want to partner with you to provide solutions you need to help grow your business and make it successful.

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