Speed Queen Vended Laundry Equipment for Colleges and Universities

 Coin operated washers and dryers in North Carolina

The last thing college students want to do is laundry – that’s why they take it home with them when they visit. Make it easy for them to do laundry on campus with Speed Queen’s line of vended laundry equipment.

It can be one of the biggest benefits you offer students, whether you manage the on-campus dorms or own an apartment complex near a college. Not only will your revenues increase, but your residents will appreciate the convenience factor. If you need coin operated washers and dryers in North Carolina, call the experts at T & L! We can save you money!

Speed Queen Vended Laundry Equipment For Colleges

Speed Queen has been making commercial laundry equipment for 100 years, and it is all they do. That means they are the experts. Their product line is guaranteed to be the highest quality, most durable laundry equipment on the market. When making a purchase from Speed Queen, you are making a smart investment.

Durability is important in laundry equipment, especially if it is in a high traffic area with constant use. You want equipment that can withstand rigorous use from college students. You also want equipment that can stand up to large capacities.  Have you ever seen a college student do laundry? It’s likely they will put as much as they can into one load in order to get it done quickly and for less money. Speed Queen equipment can handle it.

Other innovative features of Speed Queen’s line of vending laundry equipment include:

  • More cycle options, including normal, permanent press and delicates. Multiple water temperatures for different soil levels. There are 27 cycle options in all.
  • Quicker cycles so students can get in and out, and on with their lives. There is a 30 minute wash cycle available and a 45 minute drying time cycle.
  • Multi-level vending so students can spend less when they choose to conserve water by using a smaller load cycle, or using cold water instead of hot.
  • Wash Alert™ - an innovative new feature that texts students when their laundry is done. They can also go online to see if a washer or dryer is available as well as check to see how long it will be before their load is done.
  • Email notification - students can choose to be notified via email when their laundry is done.
  • Campus card payment systems. Let students pay with their on-campus card so they don’t have to deal with bringing quarters.

Speed Queens product line not only offers convenience to students in your dorms and/or apartment buildings, it can also save you money and help make the laundry room a more profitable venture. Take a look at the benefits:

  • High efficiency washers use only 10.9 gallons per cycle.
  • Energy costs are reduced because of 1000 RPM high-speed extract
  • All front load equipment is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means it uses less water and energy

In addition to these features, equipment installed with Quantum Control allows you to manage all of your units from anywhere. There is no need to constantly check in when you can have control anywhere you have an internet connection. It also has a user-friendly control panel which makes doing laundry easy, and if you’re serving college students, you want to make it easy for them to do those dreaded chores.

Searching For Coin operated washers and dryers in North Carolina?

Are you ready to start shopping for new equipment? We have top load and front load coin operated washers, single load dryers, stack dryers, and stack washer/dryer combos. We can find something to work in your laundry room that will benefit your tenants, save you money and make it profitable to have coin operated washers and dryers in North Carolina. Call T & L Equipment today so we can help you make a purchase. We have been in business for 40 years, so we are the experts when it comes to commercial laundry equipment.

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