Commercial Laundry Products

  • E-Series Soft-Mount Washers

    E-Series Soft-Mount Washers

    20- to 255-pound capacities. Engineered for energy-efficiency, E-Series high-performance…

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  • G-Flex Hard-Mount Washers

    G-Flex Hard-Mount Washers

    33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities. G-Felx front load…

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  • Genius Soft-Mount Washers

    Genius Soft-Mount Washers

    23-, 30-, 40-, 60-,70- and 80-pound capacities. Genius Series…

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  • REM-Series Hard-Mount Washers

    REM-Series Hard-Mount Washers

    25-pound capacity. REM-Series front-load commercial washers combine energy-efficiency with…

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  • LG Commercial Washers

    LG Commercial Washers

    22.5- and 35-pound capacities. The LG Commercial Laundry System…

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  • Econ-O-Wash Washers

    Econ-O-Wash Washers

    single-load capacity. Ideal for small load applications, Econ-O-Wash commercial…

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  • Gear Washers

    Gear Washers

    20- and 255-pound capacities. Continental Washer-Extractors are equipped with…

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  • ExpressDry+ Dryers

    ExpressDry+ Dryers

    30-, 55- and 75-pound capacity single pocket units. 30-…

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  • E-Series Dryers

    E-Series Dryers

    25-pound capacity. E-Series coin-operated dryers are designed to echo…

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  • ProDry2+ Dryers

    ProDry2+ Dryers

    30- to 205-pound capacity single pocket units. 30- and…

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  • Commercial LG Dryers

    Commercial LG Dryers

    22.5-pound capacity units Intuitive programming allows laundries to manage…

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  • EconoDry Dryers

    EconoDry Dryers

    single-load capacity. Ideal for small load applications, Econ-O-Wash commercial…

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  • Gear Dryers

    Gear Dryers

    4- and 6-place units Continental Gear Dryers for Fire…

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  • Hardmount Washer Extractor

    Hardmount Washer Extractor

    20- to 100-pound capacities. A heavy-duty design meets superior…

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  • Softmount Washer Extractor

    Softmount Washer Extractor

    20- to 70-pound capacities. A heavy-duty design meets superior…

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  • Single Tumble Dryers

    Single Tumble Dryers

    30- to 75-pound capacities. Our single pocket tumble dryers…

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  • Stack Tumble Dryers

    Stack Tumble Dryers

    30- to 45-pound capacities. Speed Queen® stack tumble dryers provide…

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  • Stacked Washer-Extractor Tumble Dryers

    Stacked Washer-Extractor Tumble Dryers

    30- to 50-pound capacities. Speed Queen’s® stacked washer-extractor and…

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  • Top Load Washers

    Top Load Washers

    Classic top-load design meets heavy-duty build quality that lasts…

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  • Front Load Washers

    Front Load Washers

    Innovative technologies combine with revolutionary design to form a…

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  • Single Dryers

    Single Dryers

    Make laundry more enjoyable with dryers designed for ease…

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  • Stack Washers and Dryers

    Stack Washers and Dryers

    Speed Queen® stack washer/dryers offer all of the power and…

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  • Stack Dryers

    Stack Dryers

    Speed Queen® stack dryers give you twice the drying capacity…

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