Why choose Speed Queen for your laundry?

As a laundry equipment distributor, people sometimes ask us why they should choose Speed Queen over another brand. Here are some things beyond advertised features for you to consider


Speed Queen laundries are designed as a complete business rather than on a piece by piece basis making them more successful than other laundries. Speed Queen equipment is made available through experienced distributors who offer a complete business solution and support after the job is finished rather than just selling something from the trunk of a car and leaving you to figure it out.

With Speed Queen Quantum equipment, your laundry can make more of a margin than your competitors who have the same vend price as you do. Obviously, if a store has more energy efficient equipment than the competition, it can make more profits. Higher profits also come from washers that wash faster and dryers that dry faster because on a busy day, you can simply process more laundry than a store with equipment that is old or uses old designs and technology. And then there are the customer select-able add-ons for extra washes and rinses which increase vend prices and customers activate 20-25% of the time.

whyq2Speed Queen is the largest manufacture of commercial laundry equipment and like anything else, the largest and most experienced manufactures offer the most refined and latest technology on the market. This is important for user friendliness, flexibility, maintaining competitive advantage and efficient utility management.

Speed Queen manufactures a full and complete line of laundry equipment while other brands have to resort to private labeling someone else's machine to have a complete catalog. Owning machines manufactured by one company makes obtaining parts and service easier, provides customers with consistency within your store and provides additional functionality like store-wide auditing and marketing features unique to Speed Queen equipment.

Speed Queen is made in the USA. Speed Queen manufacturing, technical support, warranty department, distribution and financing is located in Rippon, Wisconsin. Outside of working with your local distributor, if you contact any part of Speed Queen, you will be talking to someone who has a vested interest in your success as a self serve laundry owner. For example, working with a Speed Queen associate to finance your Speed Queen Laundromat makes the factory like a business partner rather than just another creditor.

New Speed Queen washers with the Quantum control use as much as 63% less water than other models. How? This isn't something someone in the marketing department made up. The savings in water comes from an efficient mechanical design and by using newer technology. Speed Queen Quantum offers 30 programmable water levels while others offer 1 or 2. Older machines and other brands use an inferior type of pressure valve that is not adjustable and becomes less accurate in managing water usage with age. In a time of uncertain utility prices, wouldn't you feel better about owning machines you can control. Quantum will also watch for leaks so you won't be silently and unknowingly loosing money down the sewer.

Speed Queen was the first to offer a larger stacked tumbler. Looking at the available commercial laundry equipment for the first time today would seemingly show a consistent offering across the board. Some people act like laundry equipment is a commodity, but Speed Queen is the leader. With demand for larger and larger machines in self serve laundries, Speed Queen developed and released a new standard in the industry with a 45 pound capacity stacked dryer where there had been only 30 pound models. It must have been a good idea because other manufactures had to run to get even. Even so, Speed Queen drying tumblers are just about always a better deal than anyone else by using as much as 25% less gas and even less electricity than some models.

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