Speed Queen Quantum

Quantum refers to the current model of controls Speed Queen is using on most of their vended and non-vended washers and dryers. Quantum consists of the user interface on the front of the machine, the computer in the machine and optional software and networking components that enhances the functionality of the system for the laundromat operator. Quantum is more than a timer or selection buttons, it is an operational management system that can be left alone to operate like any other laundry machine control panel or can be customized in every way from multi-level pricing and using marketing specials to precise utility management. Below are more details and testimonials about how Speed Queen's Quantum and its latest improvements provide the most up to date and greatest functionality available to Laundromat operators and their customers.

With new "Insights" as an addition to the Quantum system, customers can pay with their smart phone and owners can access the equipment management features and reporting from anywhere by way of a computer or tablet.

Your customers can pay by app on their smart phone which means with Speed Queen you don't have to install a 3rd party credit card system to accept credit cards as a vending option for washers and dryers. The app allows customers to see how busy the store is before they visit, tells how much time is left on their machine and notifies them when their laundry is done.

Insights and app payment is possible with factory installed wireless networking in each washer and dryer.  Because all of it is Speed Queen, we don't see compatibility problems between components. Speed Queen also has technical support to help with not only mechanical concerns but also with software and usage questions too.

Insights has tools with adjustable parameters that allow you to automatically reward regular customers. This creates store loyalty and encourages customers to use the app. Its also easy to see transactions and give refunds quickly.

Contact T&L Equipment for more information on this latest in vended laundry equipment capability for new machines or to see if Insights can be added to your existing Speed Queen laundry.

Quantum has proven to be an exceptional machine control and laundry management system with many valuable features from precise control of utilities to more flexibility for your customers. The refined intuitive design characteristic of the largest manufacturer in the industry allows for non-English speaking and even illiterate customers to get their clothes clean in your laundry.

No one cares about your success like Speed Queen. You either manage your costs or you chase after them like a run away horse. With Quantum, you can dial in water usage on your washers and gas consumption on your dryers. With fluctuating utility prices, a primary expense for the self serve laundry, having options and control when costs go up is an advantage that doesn't have to be sold. Contact T&L Equipment if you would like a demonstration of how the utility management and other functions within the Quantum control work.

Windows based software and wireless networking make laundry equipment with the Quantum just plain easier to setup, audit, program and do maintenance on than any other laundry equipment. The depth of control over utility usage, how wash and dry cycles run and audit data available with Quantum makes other systems look like toys; they sound great in the sales pitch but disappoint when its time to do business.

Quantum "Gold" costs very little as an upgrade from "Silver" but provides a 5 year factory warranty at no additional cost while at the same time providing you with peace of mind because your store was assembled to Speed Queen factory specifications and was inspected by a factory representative. Being able to offer this level of attention to your business is another reason why only select equipment distributors are allowed to carry the Speed Queen brand.

Charge a premium for premium products and services? Everything from car washes to fancy coffee costs more as you add value and expense. It only makes "cents" to have increases in vend prices as more expensive services are rendered like hot water or additional rinse cycles. You can be competitive with the store up the road while actually making more money. Not all laundry equipment offers this choice to your customers.

Can you imagine? Washers and dryers hooked together like a computer system in a busy office. It really makes a lot of sense for a laundromat with so many pieces of equipment. Not only is setting prices and specials easier and much faster, but gathering audit data on the whole store all at once removes the complexity and question of what your costs, expenses and individual machine status is. And if one is so inclined, you can even allow customers to see how busy your store is from home before they leave.

The good news is that if your washer stops working properly, 80% of the time, your problem can be found in the drain valve by way of a jammed coin or lodged bra wire. The bad news is you don't always know because the washer may appear to work properly while leaking water during every cycle. Some store owners periodically check drain valves to be sure they are not loosing water needlessly. With Speed Queen's Quantum, washers can automatically check for leaking drain valves. You can also retrieve audit reports of water drain and fill times to spot other potentially hidden inefficiencies.

Lucky cycle has to be one of the most popular and fun features of Quantum. Lucky Cycle allows you to give your customers the feeling they are playing the lottery every time they do their laundry at your store. Washers can be programmed to give a free wash (or a wash for a quarter) at set intervals of your choice, for example, every 50th wash. With the regular uneven usage of machines in a laundromat, the end result is an apparently random and by chance game. Soon, your customers will be sharing with each other ideas on which machines "hit" the most often.

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