Maintaining Your Commercial Washers and Dryers in Charleston, SC

Commercial Washers and Dryers in Charleston, SC

If you own commercial washers and dryers in Charleston, SC, you will want to properly maintain them so that your investment will last. This can ensure that it works at peak performance so that your business is not interrupted due to breakdowns or repairs.

Preventative maintenance will help your equipment last longer and protect your investment. Call T & L Laundry Equipment today for affordable prices on commercial washers and dryers in Charleston, SC.

Maintaining Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

You can refer to your manufacturer’s handbook for detailed instructions on the maintenance and care for your washers and dryers, but here some other tips and guidelines to get you started. Plan to do a routine check every few months to ensure top performance and to catch any potential issues that could become larger problems.

Commercial Washers
Check washer water inlet hoses for cracks or swelling. With an expected 5 year life, replacing visibly worn or damaged hose can save loss from continual leakage and flooding from catastrophic failure.

Check and clean or replace the water filter inlet screens especially if you experience slow washer filling or water lines inside the store or outside the store have been serviced. Dirt, pipe shavings and other particles from the water can cause build up. If you live in an area with hard water, it can occur more frequently.

Check internal washer fill and chemical supply hoses. They can become damaged due to the chemicals resulting in leaks or develop slow flow because of buildup.

Check for leaky drain valves on washer by watching drain outlets on drain troughs or watching for washers to top off water levels during a cycle or even seemingly never getting filled.

Wipe down the equipment exteriors, inside drum and keep the soap dispenser clean. Soap and water works well and some people use furniture polish or stainless steel polish to keep their equipment exteriors looking clean. On front load washers, the area around the inside of the door where it seals with the tub should be kept free of deposits or debris that may have accumulated for both appearance and to maintain a clean non-leaking  seal.

Commercial Dryers
Look at the drive belts (usually behind protective covers) to make sure they have not become worn down or cracked. If they have, replace them. A worn belt that snaps can cause more damage to the unit and increase down time.

Lubricate bearings if needed.

Check the fire suppression system if the dryer is equipped with one. These systems are protective features that can put out a dryer fire before they cause damage or spread.

Clean out the exhaust system to remove the lint buildup.
Check the electrical connections on models that use electric heat to ensure they have not become loose.

Check for other lint buildup at the back and front of tumblers. It is good to vacuum exposed components to clear excess lint. Coin drops, motors, rollers, fans and thermisters can be negatively effected by lint build up.

Other Areas to Check
While you are performing a routine check on the equipment, you can also check a few others things depending on your type of business. If you have a laundromat and provide laundry carts for customers to use, clean and dry them regularly. Sweep under and around all the units and wipe down the outside. Check the lighting in the laundromat to see if any bulbs need to be replaced. Water continually laying in bulkheads from improper or exposed drainage will smell and sour your customer's visit.

If you use commercial equipment in another type of business, you will want to clean the area routinely. Not only will you be providing a clean work space for your employees, but you can reduce potential work dangers caused by dirty floors or fire hazards.

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