Monthly Archives: May 2018

More on Preventing Commercial Laundry Employee Injuries

As we continue to look at ways to minimize the hazards to your commercial laundry employees we turn our attention to the washing and drying of your customers' linens. Your staff is performing physical tasks that have an increased risk of injury by moving large bins and carts through your facility, and they are also…
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Why Laundromat Owners Benefit from Attending Service School, continued

Welcome back! We are here with a few more tips on why you might consider service school to help you with your laundry equipment! Searching for the best laundromat repair service in Greensboro, NC? Call T & L! Maintenance and Repair. Over the course of the past few blog posts, we talked about maintenance that…
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Boiler Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry

Like any other equipment in your laundromat, your boiler requires routine inspections and preventative maintenance. National Boiler Codes specifically require that all commercial boilers be inspected by a licensed boiler contractor annually. However, most boilers should be cleaned, serviced, and inspected twice a year. Keep a detailed record of the work you have done to…
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