We can help with financing.

Do you see new laundry equipment in your future?

One of the services we provide and walk our customers through is equipment financing solutions. We have access to factory financing which means the same people who make and support the laundry equipment may also provide you with financing.

No matter what your situation:

  • New or experienced operator?
  • Need a single piece of equipment for any type of business?
  • Opening a new coin laundry?
  • Buying an existing laundry?

Factory financing is a great tool to meet your needs.

Service and Experience

Financing commercial laundry equipment is very common because of the investment size and long service life of equipment. You may find financing solutions in a variety of places but factory based financial services by professionals in the industry are often our best source for quick answers and total equipment package financing. They understand the workings of laundry related businesses providing not only a financial resource but also a second confirming opinion when opening a brand new store.

Rates and Times

Interest rates and length of loans are common questions when shopping for equipment and considering finance options. Interest rates are dependent on the financial market and do fluctuate. We operate within recently updated programs that track with the financial markets. For new equipment purchases, we typically see financing terms in lengths of time from 5 to 8 year depending on things like the size of the loan and current promotions.

Getting Started

If you are in the market for new laundry equipment and financing is part of your plans, it is always a good idea to work on a pre-approval early. To get started, you can contact T&L Equipment for help. We are experienced with the application and the financing process. You will also have a financing officer to help you with your loan before and after installation of new equipment.

Printable credit applications are at the links below. These can be given to T&L and we will submit them with information about your specific situation.

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