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How to Remove 5 MORE Common Laundry Stains with Vinegar

Last week, we started a discussion about treating common laundry stains with vinegar. If you missed that piece, be sure to go back and read it HERE (we covered grass, crayons, blood, sweat and ketchup). While we're convinced that those are the most common laundry stains you'll find if you have kids, we've got even…
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How to Remove 5 Common Laundry Stains with Vinegar

If you have kids, then you've likely had your fair share of battles with various laundry stains. From grass to crayons to blood and sweat, we've seen it all. Luckily, we've found that the best defense against tough laundry stains is distilled white vinegar and a healthy dose of elbow grease. Read on to discover…
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4 Ways to Clean Your Washing Machine

Does your washing machine stink? You'd think that in the process of laundering clothes that your washing machine might clean itself. However, dirt, mold, and other grimy residue has a tendency to build up inside your washer over time, which often causes a mildew smell. As such, it's important that you clean your washer periodically.…
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