Speed Queen Touch Vended Equipment

Introduced at the 2019 Clean Show in New Orleans, the new Speed Queen Quantum Touch machines offer Laundromat owners something no one else can. With beautiful touch screen controls that can be customized to satisfy any market from simple to feature rich. The touch line of machines includes both visual and mechanical premiums that will set your store apart from what everyone else is doing.

Quantum Touch Washer Extractors are available in the same full line of capacities as other Speed Queen vended washers: 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100lb capacities. Touch can be added into your existing store with other branded equipment and is compatible with Quantum Gold and Quantum Gold Networked systems. This series of washer is very much the same as Speed Queen's non touch screen washer extractors from utility connections, bolt pattern, durability from a robotically welded frame and getting laundry clean.

The first noticeable difference is the overall look which includes not only the 7" centrally located touch screen control but different front panels, badge and a chromed door that is mounted to the washer with a compound hinge allowing for near 180 degree opening.

Quantum Touch machines can be ordered with or without a coin drop. Non-coin vended machines could have a credit / debit / loyalty card reader from a third party card reader company like CCI or ESD added onto the front of the machine for a cashless system. However, Speed Queen had smartphone app payment in mind when designing this. So, you might have a laundromat without coins and without additional systems tacked onto washers and dryers.  Quantum Touch machines come with wireless network cards for in store or cloud networking. Cloud networking provides for the Speed Queen "Insights" app payment and smartphone customer notification when the load is complete. The cloud based Speed Queen Insights system makes it possible for you to monitor income, start machines and change machine cycles from anywhere with any mobile device. Technical support from the factory is also much easier because a Speed Queen technician can see your machines and help much more directly than in the past.

To bridge any gap of customers not having a smartphone or being unwilling to use their phone to vend the machines, Speed Queen also has a machine similar to a coin changer that can be used to load value with cash to a customer's account or even start machines in the store with cash.

Some people say that the touch screen is too complicated. It does indeed have a lot of available features from customer selective language, help screens so customers can better understand soap dispensing, additional service menus and the ability to have many more wash cycles and add-ons the customer can choose to customize what they are buying in your store. The key word here is "available" because the touch screen can be customized with as few or many options for the customer. The Quantum Touch equipment can truly be all things for all people displaying many choices for customers to scroll through or maybe just 4 cycles like in the old days where customers can not scroll at all but just choose from a single screen and then start. It might be that an owner could have a very limited selection of choices when the store first opens or machines are new and then after customers have learned how to use the machines on a basic level more features could slowly be added. And one last thing about the touch screen, it really just looks nicer than anything we have ever had before with colors and graphical helps rather than just buttons with short hand abbreviations and simple symbols.

Quantum Touch washer extractors come standard with wireless networking, stainless steel side panels, chromed door, 200 G-Force extraction and a longer 5-year manufactures parts warranty.

Stacked Drying Tumblers

Matching the Quantum Touch washer extractors, Speed Queen has made available a premium lineup of all their drying tumblers in stacked 30 & 45 pound and single pocket 25 thru 75 pound capacities. A touch screen for each pocket, stainless steel front panels, a stainless steel rear cylinder panel, chromed doors and a heavier door hinge are all standard features for Quantum Touch tumblers. Each piece of Quantum Touch equipment has a five year manufactures parts warranty too.

Like the washers, these come with wireless networking for the ease of central programming and monitoring as well as the ability for app payment via a smart phone. Having all of the machines on a network in the laundromat makes programming with a PC or tablet much friendlier and quicker because washers or dryers of the same size can all be programmed at once. Its possible to make changes to the whole store's machine pricing in just a few minutes this way. Reports showing income, turns per day, maintenance details and much more can be viewed quickly by piece or for the whole store. Owners can set up loyalty rewards for customers and see customer activity by account in the store. The app on a customer's smart phone shows washers and dryers in use, time remaining on machines, account balance and other details.

The tumblers have the typical best in class efficiency and quick dry times of Speed Queen's tried and true standard tumblers. But the premium line also adds inverter driven motors for available auto reversing cylinders and a lower amperage draw saving the owner in electricity costs and the user potentially more dry time on large laundry pieces like bedding items. The inverter driven motors are quieter and smoother in operation than other models reducing equipment wear and tear while presenting a premium advanced operation and feel.

At this time, both the reliable Speed Queen Quantum Gold equipment is still available if you are more comfortable with the traditional design or need matching replacement machines. And yes, the new Quantum Touch line of equipment is more costly than Quantum Gold, but you get more with Touch. The included five year all parts warranty is an extension over the standard three years. It's also in place whether you build a complete Touch store or add or replace a few old pieces of equipment with Touch. Speed Queen is offering lower finance rates for Touch. And you will have something unique in your market. Nowadays, sometimes it feels like every laundromat you go into has the same kind of offering for the same price. It hasn't always been easy to differentiate your store and compete on something other than price until now. Call T&L Equipment to learn more.

Stacked Washer Extractor / Drying Tumblers

When space is limited or another option in your laundry equipment mix is desired, Speed Queen answers the call with a stacked hard mount washer extractor and drying tumbler in one unit. Available in 30 pound and 50 pound capacities. More specifically, the 30 pound model has a 30 pound washer with a 30 pound tumbler on top.  Likewise with the 50 pound model, both washer and tumbler are a 50 pound capacity. This configuration of an equally sized tumbler to washer is helped with a 200 G-force capable washer on bottom to spin more water out of the laundry before an easy transfer to the upper tumbler. A clean design is aided and enhanced with the Quantum Touch control and fascia panels.

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