What’s the Average Lifespan of a Commercial Washer?

Commercial washer in South Carolina

If you own a laundromat or have an on premise laundry facility in your business, then you might own commercial washers. You may have inherited them with the business or you may have bought them brand new when you opened your company.

A commercial washer is built to withstand use all day, every day so it has a longer lifespan than a washer you would find in a residence. Commercial laundry equipment is built with heavy duty use in mind, so it has parts made to last longer and a housing made to withstand the rigorous use of people in a laundromat or onsite laundry facility.

A washing machine works hard so the people using it don’t have to. Long gone are the days when washers had manual water extractors that made you do all the work. Today’s washing machines do it all from start to finish so all you have to do is load it and unload it.

So how long does a commercial washer that works that hard last? It depends on the type of machine and on how well it’s been taken care of by its owners. A residential washing machine can last 8-12 years. A commercial washer has a lifespan of about 14 years. For both, that’s a lot of laundry!

A commercial washer in South Carolina will be subject to much more wear and tear than one found in a home. It may be used by lots of different people and may be used for hours and hours a day so it has to put up with a lot more use that can cause it to wear down.

Washers are rated by how many cycles of laundry they can process before breaking. Each load is considered one cycle, no matter how long or short the cycle – heavy duty to delicate. So for a washer to live up to its estimated life expectancy of 14 years, it should be able to handle over 5,000 cycles.

Higher end washers can be rated for up to 8,000 cycles, or even higher than that. The cycle rating is listed on washers, so check them out when you are considering purchasing one. If you need help deicing what will work for your business, you can give T & L Laundry Equipment a call. They are experts!

Keep in mind that just because a washer is expected to run 5,000 or more loads, there are factors that can cause it to breakdown before it hits that mark. A washer that is constantly overloaded will put extra stress on its parts, making it wear down faster. While you can’t control the size of the loads your laundromat customer’s process, you can have some say if you manage an on-site facility in a business. Advise your employees to only wash appropriate sized loads even if it means running more loads to get everything done. An additional cycle that doesn’t put extra stress on your machine will be better than causing undue wear.

Having your washing machines serviced regularly can also help extend their lifespan as well as catch any repairs that may need to be made before they become larger problems.

Not all washers are created equal. They say you get what you pay for, so if you want your investment to last, you may want to consider purchasing higher quality brands that have a reputation for reliability and longevity.

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T & L has been around for 40 years so we know about commercial laundry equipment for healthcare facilities. We can help you make the right decision for your business when it comes to creating an on-site laundry facility. We have high quality, name brand models for an industrial dryer or a commercial washer in South Carolina. Our machines have a reputation for durability, reliability and use the most advanced technology. We also serve markets such as hospitality, corrections, athletics, hair salons and spas and food service, plus many more. Call us today to speak with one of our experts. We want to partner with you to provide the solutions you need to help grow your business and make it successful. We have several financing options available, so we are able to work with your budget to find the best solution for your facility.

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