Laundromat Ownership

Laundromats are great investments.

Those who are considering the self serve laundry business as an income source do so for a variety of reasons and with a variety of expectations. This business has historically not been a franchise, the investment you would make into the business becomes your equity in that business. The equipment purchased will last 15-20 years which means an owner can count on long-term use, being able to move it to another facility, or sell if the need arises.

When you work with T&L Equipment, the business we help you build will be your own to operate, free of royalties and free of outside auditing. Your continued relationship with T&L Equipment or the factory will be for service and support. This is how we have done laundries and how the business model has shown to perform best for the investor.

Investors considering the Laundromat business model often seek to grow consistent personal income by diversifying their income sources, creating a relaxed, reliable income stream for retirement or children, replace income from a typical job, or some other more demanding business.

Successful investors in the laundromat business partner with an equipment supplier who can educate someone new to the business, help find and evaluate locations, provide financial sources and help with the credit application processes. This equipment supplier or laundry expert will be able to bring experienced contractors to build and help set up the new laundromat.  They will not only be there to get things started but to provide support and experienced help after the customers start to come in.

Successful coin & card vended laundry businesses are more than just washers and dryers in a room. They include well thought out designs based on doing things right the first time and making experienced knowledgeable decisions. The laundry experts at T&L Equipment offer free consultations to the new laundry entrepreneur. Insights on other aspects of this business can be found by clicking the buttons at the right.

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