3 Reasons to Maintain a Laundromat Lost & Found

Whether you have a washer and dryer at home, or you frequent your local laundromat, chances are that you're spending a lot of time doing the laundry. It truly is an ongoing chore. As such, we find that many customers will not only bring their dirty clothes and linens with them, but they also bring all the other things they need (books, phone chargers, laptops, etc) to occupy their time while they wait. Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, customers also get distracted and busy, which can lead to a "healthy" Laundromat Lost & Found. That said, we find that customers generally come back for items they may have left behind. Therefore, it's important that you are paying attention to your customers, and all the stuff they bring in with them if you want these customers to continue doing business with you. With that in mind, here are X reasons you should maintain a Laundromat Lost & Found.

Reason #1 to Maintain a Laundromat Lost & Found - It Creates Trust

Our research shows that most people will (eventually) return for their stuff rather than replace them, if they can identify the location in which they left behind their items. Be the type of business where people can feel as though they are safe. That includes their stuff. People want to know that if and when they lose their stuff, that they can return knowing that it'll be right where they left it.

Roughly 35% of customers will return to claim an item even if they are not a regular customer. Having a well-maintained Laundromat Lost & Found can greatly increase your customers' trust in your business and prompt repeat usage.

Reason #2 to Maintain a Laundromat Lost & Found - Opportunity for Customer Service

One of the most common things that people leave behind at the laundromat is their laundry. In fact, research shows that 42 percent of laundromat patrons leave behind clothing. We've often seen customers get distracted and leave an entire load of clothes in the dryer. Maybe their was a family emergency or maybe they just forgot. Either way, when your customers leave their clothes behind, your business has an opportunity to deliver great customer service.

For example, let's say a customer leaves their clothes in the wash. Go above and beyond by drying and folding the clothes. When the owner returns, they'll be so thankful that you took care of their things, they'll likely pay a small fee to be reunited with their wash load.

Alternatively, for all the socks that may go missing, you may want to keep a wall of socks or something where people don't feel as though they'll be embarrassed by leaving something behind.

Reason #3 to Maintain a Laundromat Lost & Found - Build Relationships

When the same families come back to your laundromat for many weeks or years, it's impossible not to pay attention to their habits. Maybe you have one customer that always comes in with her little girl. The little girl regularly brings her favorite stuffed animal to play with while they wait; so, when you see this stuffed animal sitting alone after the mom and child leave, you know exactly who it belongs to.

Keep contact information handy for all repeat customers so that if they ever leave behind an item that you can give them a call. If you're unsure who an item belongs to, simply bag up the items with a detailed list of the contents so that if the customer calls, you can quickly identify their stuff.

By providing excellent customer service when it comes to lost and found items you are building trust and customer loyalty to your business.


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