3 Ways to Keep Your White Clothing White!

How do you feel about white clothing? For many people, keeping white clothes can be quite a challenge, even for those who have a pretty intense laundry routine. As such, today we'll walk you through the common problems we see when washing white clothing and how to best keep your whites WHITE!

white clothing

The problem: white clothing keeps turning gray

There are a number of reasons that your white clothing could be turning gray, but we most commonly find this to be a problem when white clothes are mixed with heavily soiled pieces. It can also happen if you don't add enough detergent to your load. 

Solution #1: wash white laundry separately

When you're rushed for time, it can be quite tempting to throw all of your clothes into one load for the sake of saving time, especially if you're using a high-capacity machine. However, if you care at all about keeping your white clothing white then it's important to sort your whites into a separate load.

We recommend that you sort your laundry into whites, darks, and towels at a minimum. If you have incredibly dirty items, those should also be washed separately. This approach will also reduce any tangling that can often happen when too many items are added to the wash.

Solution #2: use detergent with bleaching components to keep white clothing white 

If you're still having problems keeping your white clothing from turning gray, your detergent could be to blame. Most detergents contain agents that keep dirt or contaminants from redepositing onto other clothes. Make sure that you're using the recommended amount of detergent for the size of load you're washing. It's often okay to add more detergent to the load, but not adding enough will cause your clothing to dull.

You might also consider using a detergent with bleach for your white clothing. Tide HE Plus Beach is one of our favorites, but any laundry detergent with bleach should improve the look of your white clothing.

Alternatively, you can try a mild oxidizing agent such as OxiClean to your wash load. Oxi products are milder than bleach and can be used on most white pieces, including cotton or cotton-blend items. It can also be used It’s milder than chlorine bleach and you can use it for most whites, including cotton and cotton blends. OxiClean can also be used to clean other areas of your home, such as the shower.

Solution #3: Hang Dry Your White Laundry in the Sun

Line drying in the sun is a time-honored means of brightening whites and can even be used to refresh older clothes that may have started yellowing. People have been using this approach for thousands of years.

Simply wash and rinse your white pieces as you normally would, then hang them on a drying rack, rope, or clean surface in direct sunlight. Make sure that the weather is warm and sunny with zero chance of rain. Then, leave your clothes outside to dry in the sun for a long period of time, but not too long. Leaving your clothes in the sun for too long can weaken the fabric of the clothing which can make those pieces more susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, once the pieces have dried, go ahead and bring them in. If necessary, you can fluff them in the dryer for a few minutes on low heat to remove any wrinkles.


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