6 Places to Install Security Cameras for a Safer Laundromat

When you decide to open a commercial laundromat, not only should you be concerned with financial viability, but also with the safety of yourself and your customers. Considering that many laundromats operate 24/7, we find that not only are they often left unattended, but they are also particularly susceptible to vandalism and theft during those late and early hours. As such, the best way to keep an eye on your business is to install security cameras. In fact, there are 6 key places in which security cameras should be installed. Today we'll talk about where to install your security cameras for a safer laundromat.

For a Safer Laundromat, Install a Security Camera in the Parking Lot

Laundromat owners are typically most concerned with the interior of their business, but it is the parking lot which may be the #1 most important location by which to be recording when it comes to providing a safer laundromat for your customers. When customers must do their laundry late at night or early in the morning, they want to know that they are safe while walking to and from their cars.

Your business is not exempt from predators; be it theft, vandalism or worse. And while you should not be held responsible for any damages or theft that occur in your parking lot, it's always considerate to have video footage available for your customers or the police to identify who the criminal is.

For a Safer Laundromat, Install a Security Camera at the Entrance

The best way to get a clear facial image of your customers (or criminal) is to install a high-quality security camera at your entrance. In the event that something should happen inside your business, law enforcement will be able to identify them.

That said, consider the position of your camera when installing; and make sure that your entrance camera is positioned in such a way that backlighting doesn't prevent you from seeing a customer's face. You also want to make sure that there is no light coming in through any of your windows that would cause interference.

Install a Security Camera by the Cash Register

While installing a security camera around the cash register area won't necessarily make for a safer laundromat, it is deterrent. In fact, having one can drastically reduce your risk of employee theft or robbery. On the other hand, a security camera located near the cash register can "catch" your employees doing a great job or shed light on why they're struggling to complete the tasks you've left for them to do during their shift.

Install a Security Camera in the Office

Speaking of employees, if you have any concerns about employee theft, you should install a security camera in your laundromat office. Doing so ensures that your employees are trustworthy and makes for a safer laundromat experience.

Install Security Cameras Focused on Your Equipment

In order to have a profitable business, your washers and dryers have to be functional at all times. Any downtime cuts into your bottom line. As such, having at least one security camera focused on your equipment is a good idea. Not only can you identify if there's an issue (particularly if you're not in the office), but you'll drastically reduce opportunities for vandalism, theft and fraudulent loss claims once customers and staff realize they are being watched. Wide-angle security cameras can also eliminate blind spots within your facility.

These cameras can also be used as "evidence" should a customer report stolen items at your business OR should anyone have a slip/fall while doing business at your facility. IT's always better to have video footage than to be without.

Install a Security Camera by the "Change Machine"

Finally, we recommend installing a security camera by the change machine for a safer laundromat. Today's laundromats tend to offer a variety of payment options; however, many customers still rely on change machines to pay for coin laundry machines. These machines are common ground for theft and are seen as easy targets. Therefore, you may want to install a small camera above each machine and angle it in such a way that you can effectively identify the person tampering with the machine. Make sure that your camera provides high-quality images that can be handed over to the authorities.


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