6 Ways to Save Time and Money at the Commercial Laundromat

When it comes to household chores, doing laundry ranks pretty low on the list. Sure, it's above cleaning toilets, but going to the laundromat is no one's favorite activity. Knowing this, we've come up with 6 ways to save you time, money, and sanity while doing laundry at your local commercial laundromat.

Before you head to your local commercial laundromat, save yourself a little time by sorting your loads at home. We find that trying to sort your clothes into darks and lights can be challenging if you wait until you get to the laundromat as space is often limited. However, if you presort at home, you'll feel more organized and be able to immediately toss your loads into a washer as soon as you walk in.

One way to sort your laundry into different loads is to use different colored pillowcases or bags. For example, you might use a white pillowcase for all of your white pieces, and a colored pillowcase for dark pieces.

2. Save Time by Collecting Quarters

commercial laundromat

How often have you gone to your commercial laundromat and found that the change machine is broken? Save yourself the time of having to go "door-to-door" looking for change (asking other users if they have any spare change) and keep a jar of quarters on your kitchen counter to use each time you head out to do laundry.

3. Save Money by Bringing Your Own Laundry Detergent instead of Buying at the Commercial Laundromat

Commercial laundromats are in the business to make money. As such, single-use detergent packs sold at your laundromat will cost at least double what you'd pay per load by using your own products from home. As such, if you want to save some money, bring your own detergent.

4. Save Your Clothes by Making Sure Commercial Laundromat Washer and Dryers are Clean Before Using

Have you ever rushed to an open machine and put your clothes on top of the washer or dryer only to realize that the entire machine was covered in sticky detergent residue or worse? For this reason, we typically don't recommend that you put clothes directly on top of any commercial laundromat machine.

We do recommend that you carry an old rag or towel with you when you're doing laundry. Before tossing your load into the washer or dryer, give the machine a quick wipe down, especially now while the coronavirus is still an active threat. Check the inside of the machine as well to make sure that the previous occupant didn't leave behind anything. We all know the tragedy that occurs when an unknown red sock or tube of cherry chapstick is left behind. Rather than ruin a load of laundry, remove any items that don't belong to you and toss them in the "lost and found."

On a similar note, we also suggest that you check that bleach dispensers are empty and dry before adding your clothes to washers as bleach tends to spill over and can ruin your clothes. You can use a paper towel to soak up any leftover bleach.

5. Save Money by Using Commercial Laundromat Dryers Efficiently

Much like we suggested that you wipe down your washer and dryer before using, we also suggest that you check to make sure to clean out any lint from the dryer before starting a load. Not only will you prevent a fire, but your clothes will dry faster, which inevitably saves you money.

If you really want to get the most out of your dryer, use a dryer that was just used and is still warm. Starting with a warmer dryer will use less energy to reheat and will dry your clothes faster. You should also shake out each piece of clothing you put in the dryer rather than keeping your load balled up. A quick pop will allow your clothes to dry faster, with fewer wrinkles.

6. Save Money by Using the Speed Queen Payment Center and Other Laundry Apps

We recently discussed various payment options including the Speed Queen Payment Center. Using this and other mobile laundry apps are great for finding the closest commercial laundromat, translating care labels, finding out how to treat specific stains, and more.

We particularly love a good laundry timer app to track how your laundry so you can run errands, study or do whatever else needs to be done in your busy life. When a load is done, you're quickly notified so you can head back to the machine.

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