At Home Laundry or Laundromat – Which Costs Less?

Buy Coin laundry equipment in Raleigh, NCMany people on a budget wonder if they really need to spend money on having a washer and dryer in their home or whether the more economical option is to take their clothes to the laundromat. Knowing which option saves you the most money can help you make this determination. For most people, there are other factors that can also influence whether they purchase a washer and dryer or rely on their local laundromat to clean their clothes. Ready to buy coin laundry equipment in Raleigh, NC? If so, call T & L Laundry Equipment right now!

Family Size
Large families or those with small children probably need to do laundry more than once a week. Running to the laundromat several times a week may not be an option for the average growing family.

If your nearest laundromat is across town or in a neighboring city, the transportation costs to get you to the laundromat should be figured into the amount that you will spend on your laundry. Public transportation fees or gas for your vehicle need to be considered.

Equipment Cost
There is the initial cost of purchasing a washer and dryer for your home as well as the cost for utilities and maintenance of the equipment.

The most common assumption is that using the laundromat is actually more expensive than owning your own washer and dryer. It is true that for some families using the laundromat may not be cost-effective. However, for other families using the laundromat probably does make more financial sense. Factoring in all of your associated costs can help you make an educated decision about which option is best for you.

Confused yet? Let's break all of this down into some easy to understand math that can help you decide which laundry option is best for your family. To find out the cost of going to the laundromat, estimate how much each trip will cost you, including transit costs, detergent cost, and machine expenses.

Once you have your weekly cost to do your laundry at the laundromat you can multiply that by 52 to find out what your annual laundry costs are if you choose this option.

To calculate the cost of owning your own washer and dryer you need to factor in the cost of purchasing both appliances and the utilities that you'll use running them each time you do laundry. Yes, the upfront costs are higher, but the benefits may make this the best option for you. And keep in mind, the cost of purchasing appliances is a one time expense for something that you can use for years to come.

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