How to Properly Load a Commercial Washer for the Best Results

Doing laundry seems like a pretty simple task, but how you load the washing machine can make a tremendous difference in how clean your clothing or linens will be after they are washed. By properly loading your commercial washer, you can prevent damage to the fabric (and washing machine), reduce fading and ensure the most effective clean. As such, today we'll discuss 5 key ways to properly load a commercial washer for the best results.

commercial washer1. Check Your Pockets

How many times have you thrown your clothes in the wash, only to hear something clanging against the side of the machine as you walk away? It happens to the best of us, and while a little bit of loose change probably won't hurt anything, other items could cause a problem.

As such, before you load the commercial washer, make sure that you've checked all pockets (especially if you have children or a tendency to stuff your pockets with random trinkets throughout the day) and removed anything that doesn't belong in the wash. This simple step will not only save your laundry, but it could prevent you from an expensive mistake.

2. Prep Clothing

Once you've checked your pockets, be sure to prep your clothing before you throw it into the wash. The care label on your clothes will tell you if there are any special instructions, but we've found the following steps can extend the life of most pieces.

  • Zip up all zippers
  • Fasten any hooks
  • Tie drawstrings
  • Unroll cuffs on pants or shirts
  • Unbutton all buttons
  • Turn pockets inside out
  • Turn dark clothing inside out (ex. dark denim)

3. Follow Commercial Washer Loading Order Recommendations

Did you know that there is a proper way to load a commercial washer? While each washer will have specific instructions on the lid of the machine, the most common loading order for commercial and residential washers is to add detergent (preferably into the detergent dispenser if available), then add your clothing or linens, then turn on the machine. By using the proper loading order, you'll prevent the machine from using too many suds and minimize the risk of fabric damage that can occur when there is too much detergent sitting on the clothing. 

4. Add Correct Amount of Detergent into Commercial Washer

Building on the previous point, you should add your detergent BEFORE loading any dirty laundry. We recommend that you use the detergent dispenser when using liquid or powder detergent so that the commercial washer can dispense the detergent evenly. Furthermore, it's equally important that you add the correct amount of detergent to the wash - not too much and not too little.

Make sure that you keep the amount of detergent you use below the fill line printed on the dispenser cup, and don't add more detergent than recommended (especially if you are using a high-efficiency washer or concentrated detergent). Using too much detergent creates extra suds during the washer's "wash cycle," which subsequently carries soils, odors, and bacteria higher up within the tub of the machine.

The residue that is left behind can affect the next load of clothing by fading colors and attracting more dirt. It can also lead to bacteria growth and unpleasant odors that can become trapped in the fabric of your favorite clothing. While this may not necessarily impact your laundry load since you're using a commercial machine, we'd like to believe that you'd leave your machine in the condition that you found it (or better!).

5. Be Careful NOT to Overload Commercial Washer

When you're short on time (or detergent), it can be tempting to toss all your laundry into one load. However, when clothing is packed too tightly, the commercial washer has less room for water, which means the water in the wash has less room to circulate, which results in wrinkled, partially clean clothing.

For better results, distribute your clothes evenly and loosely inside the washer. Larger loads should never fill the washer more than 3/4 full and front-load machines shouldn't be filled past the last row of holes on the front of the machine. If you're using a machine with an agitator, don't fill the machine past the agitator.

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