Laundry Hacks that Really Work! Part 1

These days, everyone seems to have a "hack." From filling your toilet bowl with multi-purpose cleaner to repurposing a parmesan container lid, the world is full of promises of making your life easier. Unfortunately, so many of these hacks are duds, but that hasn't stopped us from finding laundry hacks that really work! Read on if you're interested in keeping your clothes looking fresh, saving money and preventing laundry mishaps.

Laundry Hacks that Really Work! #1 Laundry Day

Some people believe that you should do a little bit of laundry everyday so you don't get overwhelmed. If you have a large home with a washer and dryer, this approach likely works well for you. However, what if you do your laundry at the local laundromat and you also work outside of the home everyday? Doing laundry on a daily basis at this point is unrealistic. However, designating one day each week to do laundry is a reasonable concept. As such, our first laundry hack that works is establishing a laundry day as part of your overall cleaning routine.

What do we mean by overall cleaning routine? Let's take a look at The Cleaner Home's checklist below.

Printable Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

This approach suggests that you do a little bit of cleaning everyday. Rather than laundry becoming a daily task, you can designate one day, like Friday, to wash clothes, bedding, towels, etc. Choose a day that works best for you!

Laundry Hacks that Really Work! #2 Collect Dirty Laundry where it NATURALLY Falls

Have you ever bought a laundry basket with the intent of collecting dirty laundry in a particular spot, only to find that you actually toss your dirty laundry somewhere else?

For example, we know a couple who bought a laundry hamper for their bathroom thinking that it only made sense that when they took a shower, they'd dump the dirty clothes in the hamper. However, they soon realized that they actually toss their dirty laundry on the floor beside the bed.

While the laundry hamper was great in theory, it wasn't effective at collecting the dirty laundry because it was in the wrong place. Luckily, there's a simple fix for this problem. Just move your hamper to where you naturally toss your dirty clothes. Whether that's the front door, edge of the stairs, or bedside, it doesn't really matter as long as it makes sense for you.

Laundry Hacks that Really Work! #3 Sort by Texture, Not by Color

If you've been doing laundry for any length of time, you know that the best way to keep your clothes looking nice and for them to last longer is to sort them. Most people sort by color: whites and darks. However, we'd like to take that a step further.

Rather than sort by color (which is still okay), sort by texture! Today's washers and dryers use advanced technology. Therefore, your colors will be fine as long as you are washing with similar textures. Consider sorting using this approach:

  • Heavy Clothing - this includes any heavy materials such as thick pants, fleece, denim or sweats. You can also toss lightweight lightly soiled play clothes in this pile. We also suggest turning your clothes right-side out and zipping them up to prevent wear and tear.
  • Light Clothing- this includes lighter weight shirts, leggings, underwear or heavily soiled play clothes that need more attention. 
  • Delicates - this includes items that don't need a heavy wash, but need to be cleaned, including items that may be labeled "hand-wash." You can also include leotards, athletic gear or swimsuits in this pile depending on how you like to care for those items.
  • Whites - if you have pure (or mostly pure) white pieces and want to keep them looking bright, you should separate them out.
  • Towels - this includes towels, washcloths, cleaning rags, dishtowels and bibs. If they're really stinky, you can put a cup of vinegar into the load as if it's detergent to strip them of any buildup that is causing them to smell. You can also wash them in hot water to make sure they're clean and sanitary.

Whether you sort by color or sort by texture, sorting your laundry will keep your clothing looking nicer for longer.

Laundry Hacks that Really Work! #4 Use Stain Remover

Stains happen. From coffee spills and ketchup blunders to grass stains on your kid's baseball pants, stains are part of life. But stains are no reason to toss an article of clothing. Rather, use stain remover to treat stains as soon as possible.

We have multiple "hacks" related to removing stains, so stay tuned for a future article. Also come back next week for more laundry hacks that really work!

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