Robotics and AI for Laundry, continued

Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment distributors in Greensboro NCWelcome back! Are you ready to learn more about robotics in the laundry industry? You may have never thought about it, but having artificial intelligence in your home that helps with laundry is what dreams are made of for most people! Unfortunately, laundry is one  of those chores that everyone has to do but many detest. Now, with changing technology and advancements all over the world, we’re going to be able to bring robots into the home to help fold laundry and iron it. In our previous blog post, we talked about robots that are being designed to help fold laundry. Today, we are going to talk about a new advancement. This one deals with ironing clothes. If you're ready to buy a laundromat or upgrade your machines, call T & L. We are the top-rated Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment distributors in Greensboro NC.

Can you imagine a robot that can do all your ironing for you? It sounds amazing, doesn't it? It might also sound too good to be true. However, there's a new robot coming your way that can iron clothing!

According to, "Scientists have developed a robot that can flawlessly iron clothes without any creases. The robot uses sensors and a 'wrinkle analysis algorithm' to ensure that shirts, trousers and other items come out looking as if they were done by a human. The researchers were so happy with their robot that they called it 'dynamic ironing' when the robot was moving, versus 'static ironing' when it stayed still. Despite being done by humans for centuries, ironing had proved difficult for robot researchers to crack as it involves a lot of precision movements. The University of Columbia team admitted as much in their paper and said that they found it a 'very challenging task'. They managed it using two Xbox Kinect motion sensors which allowed the robot iron to map out the garment before starting work using two special scans."

AI for laundry needs are coming at us quickly! Between laundromats and amazing washers and dryers offered by T & L, we will be reducing the time it takes to do laundry so that we can focus on more exciting things and quality time with friends and family!

If you missed our previous blog post be sure to visit back there for more information about artificial intelligence that can help you fold your laundry!

Top-Rated Speed Queen Commercial Laundry Equipment Distributors in Greensboro NC

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