Spring Cleaning Your Laundromat

Coin operated laundry equipment in South CarolinaA recent survey by the American Coin Laundry Association (ACLA) found that more than 80% of customers said that the cleanliness of a laundromat was a significant factor in deciding which laundromat they use. Knowing that the majority of people who set foot into your laundromat are evaluating how clean it is should encourage you to spend some time giving your facility a thorough cleaning this spring. Making your to-do list for your spring cleaning efforts can be as simple as looking around your laundromat and identifying areas that need a little extra attention. Now is also a great time to have any equipment repaired that has been malfunctioning or replace troublesome bill changers and vending machines. Here are the areas that should be on your spring cleaning list. Are you ready to buy coin operated laundry equipment in South Carolina for your laundromat or business? Contact the pros at T & L for big time savings.

The Bathrooms
A dirty bathroom is something that customers won't forget. If the flooring has become dirty and broken, replace it and ensure that all the plumbing is in good working order. The toilet should flush properly, soap, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers should work, and there should be hot and cold water available in the sink. As one of the most used rooms in your business, the bathroom should receive a fresh coat of paint annually and have large scuffs touched up throughout the year.

Keeping your washers and dryers clean and running well is a full time job. Wiping down the insides and outsides of your machines as well as checking to make sure that the machine is functioning properly is an important part of spring cleaning. During this time, move your machines out and clean behind them. Removing debris and checking hose connections for leaks can help you prevent and detect potential problems.

Folding Tables
These are another area where customers expect cleanliness. Not only do they fold their clean laundry there but they use these spaces trusting that they are clean. Regularly wiping down these tables and clearing away trash left by other customers is important. If a table has become damaged and is snagging customers' clothing or is no longer adjusting the way it should, consider replacing it.

A worn out floor looks dirty and grimy whether it's clean or not. If a regular sweeping and mopping isn't making them clean and shiny, it may be time to have the flooring in your laundromat replaced.

Strong lingering odors can make even the cleanest laundromat seem unkempt. Standing water, strong chemical smells, or other offensive odors can turn your customers away. Your laundromat should smell fresh and clean. If it doesn't, track down the origin of the offending smells and remedy the situation.

Enlist your employees to help identify areas of your laundromat that would benefit from having a little extra attention during your spring cleaning. If you're ready to replace some of that equipment that isn't functioning like it should, or you're ready to upgrade to new washers or dryers, give the team at T & L Laundry Equipment a call. We proudly offer in-house financing and can help you get the equipment you need at a price you'll love. Need to service your existing equipment? Our parts and service department carries more genuine manufacturers' parts than other service departments in the area.

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