Use Valentine’s Day to Your Laundromat’s Advantage

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It's no secret that people are busier now than ever. Juggling the demands on your time can leave you very little time to take care of household chores like laundry. However, people need clean clothes and they also want a way to spend time with their significant other. The solution? Host a date night at your laundromat to entice those super busy couples. A date in a laundromat might not sound like the most romantic idea ever, but hear us out.

At T & L Laundry Equipment we have been working with coin-op owners for over 40 years. While the business has changed a lot, the principles that we abide by have not. We believe in giving our customers the best prices, service and information that they need to make their business successful. We proudly offer in-house financing and a wide range of products to meet all your business needs. Whether this is your first laundromat or you are opening a new location, make T & L Laundry Equipment your first call

Create a buzz about your Laundromat Date Night through your social media channels. Choose a theme for your event - romantic comedies, couples' costume contest, board games, etc and partner with a local eatery to have food available to purchase. If you can't find an eatery that will deliver, have an employee or two on hand to pick up to-go orders for customers. Just be sure to call ahead and let them know that they can expect a large number of to-go orders that evening. 

Throughout the evening host different raffles or games, like the Newlywed game where couples have to try to match each other's answers. Give out coupons for free washes or, if your laundromat offers wash, dry and fold service, offer discounts on that as prizes. Turn the actual ask of laundry into a game as well and see which couple can sort their laundry fastest or fold their load of clothes quickest. Create a fun and inviting atmosphere for couples to spend their evening. Make sure that someone has a camera on hand to capture the fun and share it on your business' social media channels. 

Ask your customers for suggestions for new theme nights. Talk with local food truck owners to see if they would be interested in coming to park in your parking lot and serve your date night couples and your neighbors as well. This is a great chance for you to network in the community and support other local businesses.  

Don't forget dessert! One of the best parts of date night is dessert, so consider setting up a complementary coffee and cookie bar for patrons to enjoy or hire a local ice cream truck to come by and give your customers a chance to buy their sweetheart something sweet. 

Turning date night into a successful event for your business can be fun and, with the right marketing, profitable. When you are considering hosting events in your laundromat ensure that your business is in tip top shape.

Commercial Coin Operated Laundry Equipment SC

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