Monthly Archives: November 2017

Common Commercial Laundry Equipment Maintenance

Keeping the machines in your laundromat running great means doing some preventative maintenance on them regularly. Keeping up with preventative maintenance ensures that the machines are ready for your customers when they want them and helps keep them running at peak energy efficiency. Consult your owner's manual for a schedule to perform each of these tasks. For the…
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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Laundry Equipment, Part Two

Did you know that residential machines, even well made ones, have a tendency to be made with low cost plastic components? This means that even the highest quality machine is not going to work as well as a commercial grade machine. Businesses who think they can get away with a residential washer or dryer might be fooling themselves.…
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How Landlords Can Profit from Vended Washers and Dryers

Welcome back to our blog series on adding a vended laundry to your rental property. While this revenue generating amenity doesn't work for landlords of single-family properties, those who have multi-unit buildings without in-unit hookups may find that adding vended laundry machines to their property is a great way to attract renters and make additional…
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