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speedqueen0052Who needs to wash clothes? The answer is everyone! Washing clothes is as necessary as food and shelter. So everybody should be busting down the door of your Laundromat to wash their clothes, right? Wrong! Everybody found a place to do their laundry last week. To get that market, you have to provide a better process to do their laundry.

Better can be any of the following:

  • More convenient location
  • Brighter cleaner store
  • A faster process than doing it home
  • Nicer atmosphere & decor
  • Climate controlled (AC)
  • Additional services (attendant, wash-dry-fold, dry cleaning drop off etc...)
  • Safer environment, better visibility

speedqueen0132A properly run and maintained Laundromat will draw customers because it will provide a superior place to wash laundry. This Laundromat will be providing ease of operation, convenience, quicker washing time, better quality wash (results that can not be duplicated at home), safety and security.

The most precious commodity for the working family is time. One of the reasons that the fast food chains have grown so rapidly is because the working parent doesn't have time to make dinner. Now, instead of doing 8-15 loads of laundry a week, the family can now go to the Laundromat and get the whole wash done in under 2 hours.

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