The High Cost of Yesterday’s Equipment

2If you have top load washers, we have a direct replacement that will reduce your water consumption by 63% per washer. A top load washer uses between 33 and 38 gallons of water per cycle and only washes about 10 pounds of laundry. Compare that to a 20 pound capacity machine that uses only 13 gallons per cycle. You can charge a higher vend for the 20 pound washer and 5 of them running just 3 turns per day on average equates to over 100,000 gallons of water savings per year.

If you are using front load washers that fill 5 times per cycle, we have machines that use half as much water now. A more efficient design, internal controls with smarter newer technology and 3 fills instead of 5 not only uses less water but also less hot water and reduces cycle time too (by half in many cases).

1Reduce Your Gas Bill by 50%

Consider your water heater; even if it is just a few years old or of older design, it may be operating at only 50% efficiency. Water heaters that operate above 95% efficiency are now common. Such a water heater doesn't need as big of a storage tank if any at all which will save you space and as much as 25% on your gas bill immediately. Match that with washers that use less water and reduce the cost of heating water in your store by a large margin.

Our dryers use 25% less gas than not only old dryers but our competitor's current models. For some, getting clothes dry in a timely manner is a big enough challenge without trying to be energy efficient. You can buy our dryers several times for the money you will spend on additional gas to operate our competitor's dryers. If you have old dryers with dark cylinders, your customers won't be loyal if a new store moves in nearby. Customers will wait in line to use a clean new machine when older machines are setting idle in the same store.

And, what if you didn't have to be constantly fixing that old stuff?

Only Speed Queen equipment can offer this savings, quality and the refinement of an industry leading brand. Call us today and consider not only improving your business but also your competitive advantage.