Why Choose T&L?

Why choose T&L as your solutions provider.

whattoexpectexpert1-200x300There are dealers out there that will promise the world and never deliver. As with everything today; its the customer beware. Does the distributor come well recommended by customers and by suppliers?

We sincerely believe that it's important to practice what we preach. We keep our promises! Our success is clearly indicated by the fact that we have been business development partners in the new construction or renovation of vended laundries since 1976. Our goal is to be known as the company that does it right the first time, meeting your wants and needs, while we both profit.

Obviously, you get what you pay for. The classic distributor is in the business of selling machines. It is his livelihood! However, a Laundry Expert is a solution provider. He will show his sincerity with the attitude he takes towards you. The success of the venture will be of prime importance. He will be straightforward and honest, will indicate both the pros and cons of a situation, the competition, the demographics, and the potential pitfalls. In short, he will present you with a valid representation of the situation and do all that he can to help you be successful.

whyq3T&L Equipment provides the following services to make your business plans a reality:

  • Site selection, surveying and evaluation
  • A complete business forecast / performa
  • Custom demographics report evaluation
  • Walk-through assistance in obtaining financing
  • Customizable layout design
  • Coordination with architects, contractors, building inspectors, and zoning officials so you won't have to
  • On-time delivery, installation to factory standards and startup of equipment
  • Provision of a written Parts and Service Warranty and stand behind it.
  • Training for the successful operation and servicing of the equipment
  • In summary, a completed buisness designed around your needs to maximize utility and space efficiency, equipment reliabilty and Return on Investment

First consultation is always free of charge.

For more information you can contact us!

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