How to Buy Commercial Laundry Equipment in SC

Commercial Laundry Equipment in SC

If you aren’t familiar with commercial laundry equipment, buying it for your business can be difficult. Luckily, here at T & L we can help you buy commercial laundry equipment in SC!

There are several things to consider before buying equipment for your business. Not all equipment is alike, so you have to know what to look for so that you are getting the best value for your investment. We have been in business for 40 years, so we know a thing or two. We started back when all laundry units were using quarters. Now we’ve advanced to using card technology so customers can use a debit or credit card to pay for laundry services.

Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment

Our experience in helping businesses, from “Mom and Pop” stores to corporations that need high quality equipment for their facilities, makes us the best choice in North and South Carolina when it comes to commercial laundry equipment.

There are a few things to look for when buying commercial laundry equipment in SC. We can help guide you through the process so that you are making the best choice.

1. Look for equipment that is durable so it will hold up to constant use. You do not have time to wait for repairs every few months. You want equipment built for use every day, all day long. You also do not want to inconvenience your customers. Who would come back to a laundromat that had broken washers and dryers?

2. High capacity equipment gives your customers more choices. Not only are you serving regulars who use the laundromat because they do not have a washer or dryer at home, you are also servicing people who need to use large machines for items they want to wash occasionally, such as large comforters, sleeping bags or dog beds.

3. Purchasing equipment that is energy efficient is important for two reasons. One, it will help keep your utility bills down. Who doesn’t want to save money? Second, it shows that you care about the environment by minimizing energy usage.

4. Your main priority is probably making your customers happy, so you want to give them equipment that is easy to use. Having cycle options and one touch selections can make doing laundry a snap. You should also look for washers and dryers with timers so that your customers will be able to manage their time. Your facility may not have staff on hand to help with questions, so your equipment should be simple to use.  

At T & L, we serve multiple industries in North and South Carolina that use commercial laundry equipment, including:

Self-Serve Laundromats
We can help you replace old equipment or build a new facility.

Multi-Housing (Apartments)
Giving your tenants in-house laundry can make life easier for them and allow you to provide a service for them that is also profitable for you.

Healthcare Facilities
Cleanliness is a top priority in medical settings. Having dependable efficient equipment can help staff keep their facilities clean and safe.

Guests expect clean towels and linens. You need equipment that can handle the large amounts of laundry that are produced in hotels, resorts and spas.

Restaurants & Food Service
Fine dining restaurants or catering companies use a lot of linens and napkins during events, so a residential washer and dryer may not be up to the task. Installation of a commercial unit can make the cleanup process faster and more efficient.

We also serve other sectors such as correctional facilities, hair salons, fitness centers, veterinarians, uniform rental companies and more.

Affordable Commercial Laundry Equipment in SC | T & L Laundry

Give T & L Equipment a call today to see how we can help you with your commercial laundry equipment in SC needs. We have 40 years of experience, so you can be confident that you are choosing to partner with an experienced and reputable company in South Carolina.