Monthly Archives: May 2018

How to Reduce Injuries at Your Laundromat

Did you know that as a business owner you may be held liable if an injury occurs at your laundromat? While no business owner wants to think about someone being injured in their business, knowing the risks and taking steps to manage them before there is an injury can help you avoid this nightmare. The…
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Speed Queen Fault Codes for Vended Washers

Are you looking for answers to the fault code you’ve been given on your Speed Queen top load or front load washer? If so, we have answers for you. Below, you’ll find an ultimate list of all the possible codes that can come up when there’s an issue. You'll also find a brief explanation of…
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Choosing the Right Washing Machine for Your School’s Athletic Department

With the school year winding down for many districts, the discussion among administrators turns towards the improvements that need to be made over the summer before the students return in the fall. While some schools will choose to focus on making cosmetic improvements to the school, others will look for ways to improve performance and…
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