4 MORE Ways to Refresh Your Laundry for Spring

If you've been following along, then you recently read 4 Ways to Refresh (and Save) Your Laundry for Spring. We know that so many people use this time of year to do a little "spring cleaning." Ultimately, those cleaning efforts find their way into your closet. Out with the old, in with the new. Unfortunately, that often means a ton of old sweaters, coats, and damaged clothing end up in a landfill. Rather than toss unwanted clothing in the trash, today we'll discuss 4 more ways to refresh your laundry for spring.

1. Refresh Your Laundry for Spring by Seasonally Rotating Your Clothing

We agree that Spring is a great time to clear out clothing that no longer fits or that you won't need for the upcoming warm weather. In fact, we encourage you to seasonally rotate your clothing rather than keeping all of your clothing in your closet all the time. For example, now that temperatures are creeping into the 60s and 70s, you can safely store your heavy jackets, scarves, and winter gear away to make room for flowy dresses, shorts, and hats.

We find that there are a number of benefits to using this approach (stay tuned for a future article), but we particularly love that by rotating our wardrobe, you get the feeling of "new" clothes without the expense of a shopping spree.

2. Refresh Your Laundry for Spring by Donating (or Selling) Unwanted Clothing

Once you've filtered out any seasonal clothing that should be stored away, you should also take the opportunity to pull any clothing that you know is too small. For example, if you have children, chances are that they've grown and can no longer fit into last year's threads. While you may want to save a few of your kid's clothes for sentimental reasons, you should plan to donate or sell anything that doesn't fit.

Similarly, if you've lost or gained weight over the past year, plan to get rid of clothing that no longer fits. This includes but is not limited to those jeans that are way too tight or the oversized sweatshirt you used to wear to hide your weight. While it's tempting to keep a size smaller than you're wearing as an incentive to lose weight or a size larger for those days when you're feeling frumpy, we strongly encourage you to only keep clothes that you're actively wearing. This will save time getting ready in the morning and keep your closet clean and organized.

There are a number of ways to donate or sell, but we've found that the easiest way is to use the Give Back Box. Give Back Box lets you repurpose your online shipping boxes (previously used to ship a recent purchase) to donate unwanted household items, gently used clothing, shoes, etc.

3. Refresh Your Laundry for Spring by Reorganizing Your Space

We find that the process of sorting through clothing is also a great time to rethink how you're organizing your closet.

For example, if you've been folding all your clothing and putting it away in a dresser, you may find that this isn't the most efficient use of your space. You can still fold your clothing, but try stacking your pieces vertically in a drawer or bin so that you can quickly see what you own rather than in a pile. If you prefer to hang your clothes, maybe you change up how you're hanging the items, especially if you have multiple racks.

4. Refresh Your Laundry for Spring by Keeping Track of Your Socks

Raise your hand if you struggle to keep track of your socks? It's completely possible that your dryer is eating socks. In fact, when the dryer is spinning at very high speeds, a sock could slip through a hole or slit in the gasket and get trapped in the space below the metal washing basket. If you're not willing to hunt down those missing socks down, then you likely have a stash of lost socks somewhere in your home.

Either toss all your mismatched socks at the beginning of Spring or collect them in a centralized location. The most logical place to collect them would be your laundry room (if you have one). We particularly love this cute "Single Ready to Mingle" sign that offers clips for unmatched socks. A simple basket would accomplish the same thing.

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