Why Dirty Fire Gear Is Dangerous for Firefighters

Laundromat Equipment in Raleigh, NCFirefighters' turnout gear is extremely important for their safety. There are three layers that complete the gear. These layers work together to ensure firefighters are shielded from flames, heat and moisture.

Unfortunately, this equipment gets very dirty while working. Between smoke, debris and other contaminants the gear becomes filthy after each use. Let's look closer! If you need to upgrade your Fire Department's laundromat equipment in Raleigh, NC, call T & L Laundry Equipment today. Our prices and services are unbeatable!

Even more, researchers at the University of Cincinnati gathered results from multiple studies that show that those who fight fires are at greater risk for developing cancer. In fact, these professionals have a two time higher risk for testicular cancer. They are at a 50% chance higher risk for developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Their chance of prostate cancer is a 28% higher risk compared to those who do not fight fires.

The best ways to reduce increased risk of cancer is to meticulously wash after fighting fires. In addition, keeping fire equipment clean after each use is also important for reducing the risk of cancer.

Turnout gear has come a long way in recent years. Significant changes have been made to increase protection. Also, suits are now custom fit versus historic one size fits all gear. This is greatly reducing the risk of developing cancer. However, failure to properly clean dirty gear after fighting a fire can continue the increase of risk. There's a standard cleaning process that must take place each and every time the turnout gear is used. If fire stations fail to do this, they are foregoing removal of diesel exhaust, contaminants from the fire and more. Build up of these things can cause equipment to become more flammable, in addition to continued exposure to fumes and exhausts that are carcinogenic.

Fighting fire is extremely dangerous on its own. That combined with the chance of cancer and failure to properly clean equipment can really pose a threat to the lives of firefighters.

It's important to be sure you can clean gear to the standards of the regulations that have been put in place. To learn more, visit with our next blog post.

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