Operating an Energy Efficient Dairy Farm

Electrolux Dealers in Greenville, SCBecoming energy efficient these days doesn’t just mean your home, it should include your business too. Looking at your dairy farm’s daily costs for operations, you may be seeking some ways that you can improve your efficiency. Some of these can be costly at first, so do some research and see what works best for your farm.

Choosing the right equipment for your dairy is important for ensuring you get the most energy efficient clean. If you're searching for Electrolux dealers in Greenville, SC, stop wasting time. Call T & L instead. We're the top Speed Queen and Continental commercial equipment dealer in SC. T & L Laundry Equipment has been providing affordable, commercial grade laundry equipment for more than 40 years. Whether you need one set of commercial appliances or you need an entire laundromat full of new equipment, T & L's professional staff can help.

  • LED lighting: You may have already made the change in your home and seen the energy savings on your utility bill. So what’s so special about these lights? Well, they consume anywhere from 50-75% less energy when compared to other lighting. This includes but is not limited to halogen, mercury vapor, and incandescent fixtures. LED bulbs are available for almost any wattage you need for your exterior lights. An additional benefit is that the actual fixture lasts almost twice as long, contains no mercury, and has lower maintenance costs.
  • Control device for electric water heaters: Hot water is a necessity on a dairy farm.  It can use up to 25% of the energy consumption on the farm. This device can heat water during off-peak utility times so that the rates are cheaper while still ensuring that the farm has enough hot water when it's needed most. Ask your T & L representative about our line-up of energy efficient water heaters.
  • Geothermal heat pumps: This technology uses the temperature of the earth and the groundwater to offset cooling and heating. Research has indicated that there may be a reduction in your heating costs by approximately 54% and cooling costs could be lowered by as much as 71%.
  • Precooler: This can reduce refrigeration energy use up to 60%. Cooling the milk is an important step on a dairy farm. An additional advantage of the precooler is that you can use the water for the cows to drink. Cows actually prefer warm over cold water, so this will make them happy. The water can also be used for washing and heating.
  • Low-temperature detergent: Using hot water to do the wash can be expensive, but most detergents need hot water to be active. Using a low-temperature detergent means you can use less hot water and still get clean, bacteria free towels.  Be sure to check with any local regulations that may apply to you before making the switch.
  • Ozone laundry: If your dairy farm is using a cloth to clean cow udders, this kind of washer may be right up your alley. Using an ozone washer can actually be more efficient in eliminating bacteria as well as cost effective.  The washers use ozone gas and cold water instead of chemical detergents and heat. It is important to note that ozone systems can be retrofitted to existing commercial machines.
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