Fire & Emergency Services

Laundry Equipment For Fire DepartmentsThere was a time when oxygen masks were not standard equipment for our fire fighting heroes. However, awareness and developed infrastructures have led to a higher level of desired safety for those we depend on as well as the well-being of their loved ones.

One intention of the NFPA 1851 Standard has been to provide proper turn out gear cleaning practices. As part of those practices, a commercial grade washer extractor is the tool of choice for laundering turn out gear / bunker gear. This gear is not to be washed in a laundromat or at home for the risk of contaminating other linens and garments. The turnout gear is not to be tumble dried either.

At T&L Equipment we understand the needs of Firefighters and the importance of clean and dry gear to their safety and well being. You can read more about that HERE in the article as published in Carolina Fire Rescue EMS. We offer low to no maintenance and easy to use washer extractors as well as specialized firemen's gear drying cabinets that meet and exceed NFPA regulations.

We offer experienced driven customized solutions that will fit within your department's budget and cooperate with your time schedule. We offer equipment sizing, education on proper cleaning, design services, and professional factory trained installation and service. Fire stations frequently under-use commercial laundry equipment for fire departments; we won't sell you more machine than what you need.

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