Hair Salon & Spa Facilities

Brown Spa Towels Roll Pile For Customer Service In PoolEven if large laundromat type equipment is too much for your floor plan, we can still help the hair salon, tanning salon or spa with commercial grade equipment that is long lasting and efficient in time, space and utilities.

Washer dryer stack units with a 20 pound front load washer that squeezes as much water as possible out of your fluffy towels will save dryer time and keep a small part of your operation from becoming a major concern. These machines fit into the space of a conventional washer or dryer and are compatible with your existing utility connections.

We have commercial top load washers with over sized stainless steel tubs that outlast any other home style washer in the business and are designed to save on utilities too.

Would your laundry room work if your dryer could just keep up with the washer? Home improvement and electronics stores don't have a stacked dryer unit, but we do. Replace your single dryer with a double load dryer that will sit in the same space and do twice the drying.

We have the tools and experience to evaluate and solve your most difficult problems. Capacity planning, laundry equipment selection, room design, and more. We're the Southeast's top choice for commercial laundry equipment. We're trusted providers of both Speed Queen and Continental Girbau commercial washers, dryers and extractors. There's rarely an issue we haven't dealt with in the past. Those expertise come in handy when you're considering a purchase. We'll be with you from idea to planning through implementation and ongoing use. The level of consulting services we provide to owners, manager, and staff are second to none. Give us a call, and see for yourself.

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