Health Care Facilities

Hospital building sign closeup, with sky reflecting in the glassWhile clean linen is always the desired out come of your laundry room; hospitals, clinics, and long-term healthcare facilities are being held to the highest standards of hygiene to prevent cross-contamination hazards. These facilities often have special requirements of their laundry equipment from being able to handle heavy work loads to programmable cycles for a number of different laundry processes.

Your most important concerns translate into us providing what is best suited to accomplish the essentials rather than just selling washers and dryers.

We purposefully work with a wide selection of equipment lines and specialize in being educated in those lines so that we can solve any laundry room requirement. We can also offer assistance with financing packages to ease the burden of large capital investments.

We have the tools and experience to evaluate and solve your most difficult problems. Capacity planning, laundry equipment selection, room design, and more. We're the Southeast's top choice for commercial laundry equipment. We're trusted providers of both Speed Queen and Continental Girbau commercial washers, dryers and extractors. There's rarely an issue we haven't dealt with in the past. Those expertise come in handy when you're considering a purchase. We'll be with you from idea to planning through implementation and ongoing use. The level of consulting services we provide to owners, manager, and staff are second to none. Give us a call, and see for yourself.

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