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laundromat equipment dealers in North CarolinaLaundry carts can be very useful for customers in several different ways. Of course, the main reason is because they may be used to transport laundry from washers to dryers. They might also be used to take laundry to and from your customers' cars. If you're searching for laundromat equipment dealers in North Carolina that you can trust, call T & L! Let us earn your business.

Because these carts may be used in the parking lot, it’s important to invest in durable well-made laundry carts that last 10 to 15 years. T & L can help you choose the best options for your laundromat. We work with R & B Wire Products, Inc. to ensure you get multi-functional carts that come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. They are also made in the USA. Because these carts are made in America, custom orders are available and parts are easy to access. If a cart needs to be repaired, there won’t be much downtime involved.

Wire laundry carts are usually the most common type of unit found in a laundromat. They are easy to keep clean and sanitized and they are safe for customers to use in the laundromat and when they transport laundry to and from their vehicle. Because they’re durable, they can handle large quantities of laundry easily. You won't have to worry that they'll crack under the pressure of being overloaded.

There are quite a few standard types of laundry carts including ones that have hanging racks, front loading capabilities, and more.

Carts come in various sizes, as well. Talking with our experts, you’ll be able to decide which size is best for your location. You’ll also be able to discuss the types of carts you may want to offer, as well.

In order to have enough carts for your customers, it’s important to consider having one cart per three washers. This is based on the idea that one customer will use up to three washers at a time. This is typical for most laundromats.

With all the varieties available in laundry carts, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it's time to choose. Don’t worry, as we mentioned, our experts are here to walk you through every step of the way. This includes choosing the best laundry carts for your laundromat. Feel free to contact us to learn more as you start planning and designing your brand new laundromat.

Reliable Laundromat Equipment Dealers in North Carolina

Are you searching for the best laundromat equipment dealers in North Carolina? Call T & L today. Let us help with your plans so that you can choose the right commercial washers and dryers for your business’ needs. T & L has been in operation for 40 years. Within that time, we've worked hard to offer the best machines for the best prices. We believe in our products and are excited to share them with you. The benefits you’ll gain from trusting our washers and dryers are incomparable. From replacing old units to helping you build a new facility, our years of experience and knowledge can help you make the right choice for your business.

Our solutions are customized based on your business’ needs. We strive to provide excellent service and support in the commercial laundry industry. We can even help you finance your laundromat.

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