Make Sure Your Laundromat Is Using These Types of Signs

Commercial washer NCCapturing your customers' attention is crucial to driving your business towards success. However, if you've driven through a shopping center lately you know that creating an eye-catching sign or standout storefront can be tricky. Do you hire a guy in a gorilla suit to spin your sign? Maybe you opt for a flashy LED-filled moving signboard? Regardless of which method you choose, there are some important things to keep in mind as you design the signage for your laundromat. If you need the best industrial dryer or commercial washer NC has to offer, be sure to call T & L!

Whether you're advertising a special on your wash, dry, fold service or letting customers know that there are open washing machines right now, your signs should follow these guidelines:

  • Less Is More - Giving your customers too much information on your sign is likely to be ignored. Include relevant details like when, where, and how much but skip overly detailed messages. Drawing your customers in with an attractive offer or special event doesn't require a ton of text. Check your message with the five-second rule. If it takes more than five seconds to read your message, you need to shorten your text or use multiple signs.
  • Make a Headline - The cornerstone of print journalism is that the punchline matters. Simplify your text. Use a headline, explanatory text, and then a compelling call to action.
  • Develop a Strong Call to Action - For your sign to be useful, it needs to have a simple goal or message to convey. A call to action gets your customer to do something such as use your business to take advantage of your headline offer.

Creating the right signage for the exterior of your business may seem like an easy task. Smart laundromat owners are always looking for a way to advertise their business. While it may not seem overly complicated to put your business name on the front of your business, putting your name out there in an unexpected way just may get you noticed by potential customers. Consider putting your laundromat's name on the mats leading into your business. Mats serve various purposes around your business. They keep the floors clean during sloppy weather, help lead the customer into your business, and they can catch the attention of those who walk by.

Outdoor signage like window signs, sandwich boards, entrance signs and other easily visible signs are essential for capturing attention as customers walk or drive by your business. These signs should invite your customers in and give them a preview of the experience they can expect inside. Use these signs to motivate your customers to want something from your business. Whether it's a high-quality clean or a quick fluff and fold service, your customers should know what they can expect before they enter your laundromat. For more information on laundromat signs, visit back with our last post.

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