More Great Laundromat Business Goals for 2017

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Having New Year’s resolutions might seem silly, but as a small business owner this can really help you grow your business. Setting some business goals will help you grow your business at a structured and consistent pace. Whether your goals include a renovation of your laundromat, new equipment or opening a new location - let the professionals at T & L Laundry Equipment put our over 40 years of experience to work for you. Even through we're not Maytag dealers in NC, we do carry Speed Queen and Continental.

Follow these 8 simple New Year’s business resolutions and see how your business thrives this year.

More Great 2017 Laundromat Business Goals

  1. Weekly planning

To run a successful small business you need to focus on all the details on a day to day basis. Sitting  down and planning out your week will help keep you focused and help you adjust old goals as you see how they work out for your business. It’s also a good way to track your progress.

  1. New skills, new goals

Teaching yourself new skills like taking a class, learning about the newest equipment out there, or taking a class on customer service can help grow your business in a new way. It’s also a great way to teach your employees new skills. It will add new dimensions to your business and you might just get to know more people in your field.

  1. Make new business friends

Joining a business organization will help spark new ideas and refine old ones. Networking with people in your field will help you keep your business up to date and you will get to know what the trends in the industry are.

  1. Everyone likes a giver

Joining community outreach programs will help you get your name out there and make a difference in your own community. Pick one cause that matters to you. You could have people donate clothes they don’t use or even collect soap for people who cannot afford to buy any. Doing something industry related will help your business too. You could decide to be a mentor or even invest in someone else’s small business.


  1. Out with the old

Looking at equipment in a laundromat is a huge deal. It is, in many cases, the reason why people feel like they need to sell their laundromat. If you have some equipment that is keeping you from making more money or costing you money, it could be a small fix. T & L Laundry Equipment carries a large selection of products to spruce up your laundromat and they offer in-house financing. It might also be that you need to add another employee or get rid of someone who is negatively influencing the success of your business. 

  1. Fix the flaws

Look at each aspect of your business and if it’s not the right fit for you CHANGE IT. If your suppliers are too expensive or don’t give you the best service, switch. But this year put your business and your success first. 

  1. Time for you 

Don’t forget to take some time for you. If you are relaxed and refreshed you will feel focused to make great business decisions. Make sure you have a healthy work-life balance, taking time away from your small business. Even if you have to make an appointment for yourself in your calendar, do what you need to.

At the end of the day it will still be up to you to keep yourself in check and stick to your goals. Keep to your plan after you establish it and make adjustments to it as the year goes on. Sharing some of your business plans with your employees will help them to know where your vision for your business is going. When that vision includes new seating, folding tables, bills changers or money saving energy start rated washers and dryers - let T & L be your first call. 

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We also go above and beyond to analyze competitor’s machines so that we can ensure you’re buying the best when you choose to work with T & L.  We're not Maytag dealers NC, but we are the top Speed Queen and Continental dealers. Contact us now to start planning and designing your brand new laundromat! Financing is available.

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