Ancillary and 3rd Party Products

For a complete turn key operation, upgrades or replacement items, T&L Equipment can supply everything the commercial laundry needs.

Water Heaters


Laundromats and other commercial laundries typically use gas fired water heaters. And like water, gas can be a costly resource making efficiency in water heating an important factor in laundry room profitability.

With a long history in our industry, we have seen water heating short cuts come and go from using htpheaterresidential intended on-demand heaters installed in large arrays to the use of mixing valves that "stretch" undersized systems at the cost of additional expense and aggravation to the owner operator.

We provide sizing, installation and service for water heaters by Hamilton Engineering and HTP. There are a variety of options available for new installation or replacement in efficiency ratings up to 99.8% for any size application from restaurants to laundromats to hotels to greenhouses.

Card Systems for Vended Laundry Equipment

spyderwash002Time in the vended laundry industry has shown us much change in how customers pay to wash and dry laundry. Coin vending has always been king because its where we started when vend prices, machines and overall store operations were smaller. Then came the perception that card only (loyalty-type card) systems would be the way of the future by providing store owner's with the security and convenience of a simplified vending solution but forgetting about the customer's convenience.  Though great for multi-housing environments like apartment complexes, the card only laundromats often have become something new coin store owners felt like they could easily compete with by going back to a simplified easier for the customer approach of taking just coins.

Most recently with rapidly advancing use of technology, overall cashless trends in many retail environments and the recent tribulations of coin shortage and worry of spreading illness, alternative and secondary payment options have gained much momentum. Today we have the ability to take coins, cash, credit & debit cards, loyalty cards and smart phone app payments. We can set up our new laundromat to do one or more of these or add onto existing businesses new capabilities.

Current credit debit card systems allow for some new and some old benefits to your laundry. Some equipment manufactures have tried to secure the cost of adding a card system by including built-in wireless networking that when connected to the internet provide wireless payment by smartphone application. This is a great feature however it requires for the customer to know about it and to install an app on their phone. We can tell our customers about it in person or with signs if they are willing to give of their time. Alternatively, a card reader attached to the outside of a washer or dryer provides immediate communication that we can save you time and trouble by taking plastic. The convenience of an alternative payment method is realized much more today where it may take 40 or 50 quarters to start a washer. We offer the time savings of the latest and greatest washers and dryers in our laundromat but take back the time it takes to buy quarters at the changer and vend the machines. Now, more than ever is credit card and app payment systems worthy of the laundromat operators attention for everyone's convenience and because customers are starting to ask for it.

Contact T&L Equipment to discuss what is available for the new store or the existing store. We even have financing solutions if you are considering adding a credit card system to your existing store.


changersamerican02hamilton002standard002Often overlooked and under-appreciated, the changer in a coin laundromat is worth careful consideration when selecting. We are familiar with the build, sizing, installation, operation and repair of the three major brands and can help you make the right selection for your new operation or replacement of an old unit.

Laundry Folding Tables

Trusted, reliable and made in the USA since 1950, Sol-O-Matic tables and chairs are the most common furniture in the laundromat business. highmarklogo2Available in a a variety of colors, sizes and styles to fit laundromats, hotel and apartment laundry rooms. T&L Equipment also provides High Mark Manufacturing tables and chairs to offer even more flexibility for any color or design scheme.


Laundry Carts

cartsaR&B Laundry carts are an industry standard in the laundromat and other laundry applications for their quality, long life and easy functionality. In recent times, cheap carts from over seas have shown up and proven to be short lived and unable to stand up regular reasonable use. The most important things in your business are sometimes the simplest. R&B manufactures a range of shapes and sizes of carts, baskets and scales for our industry.

T&L has them available as singles or as part of a new installation.

Soap Vendors

vrwvm360Most laundromats and other laundry rooms have soap vending machines for customer convenience and as a way to make additional self serve income. Since 1952, Vend-Rite Mfg. has become somewhat of an industry standard in this area. Many sizes and configurations or soap vending machines are available with additional optional features like added security locks and pedestal bases. Typically with new store design, we can make recommendations on the soap vendor as well as many other things. Working with T&L Equipment means you don't have to do the research and figure everything out for yourself.


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