Continental Girbau Vended Equipment

Continental Girbau offers the vended laundromat business an exceptional alternative to the typical coin operated washer with the ExpressWash soft mount line of washer extractors.  Soft mount washers are most often found in non vended applications because of the efficiency of their very high spin-cycle speeds and flexible installation capabilities. Where most laundromat washers may have a spin speed or extraction (as it's known in the industry) of up to 100 G-force, the Continental soft mount washer extractor is able to reach 350 to 400 G-force which wrings more water out of laundry at the end of the cycle. With less water being retained in the laundry at the end of the cycle, drying takes less time. Less drying means customers get done with one of the most disliked household chores in quicker. The customer's laundry suffers less wear and tear because it is tumbled for less time, less gas is burned and as a store owner, you may not need quite as many dryers or even parking spaces because your customers get done with their laundry and get out quicker.

Continental soft mount washer extractors are built more like an industrial machine than a typical commercial laundromat machine. This can be seen on examination and is because Continental supplies laundry equipment for industrial laundry applications and not only Laundromats. Where most manufactures build good enough for the Laundromat business, Continental's machines were first designed for more use and a longer life. This year in fact, Continental has now made available their 130 pound soft mount washer extractor for laundromats. This 130 pound capacity washer adds to the existing EH Express Wash series of 20, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 pound capacity soft mount washer extractors.

Soft-mount washer extractors have an internal suspension system that allows the wash tub to almost float on shocks and springs. Where a conventional hard mount washer extractor must be carefully and securely anchored to a suitable foundation, soft mount washers are much more flexible. For high speed extract, concrete floors do not have to be as thick and in many cases even suspended floors, like with a second floor or crawl space, are suitable. It is possible to even just sit the Continental soft mount washers in place without anchoring. This means washers can be moved around for changes to the store layout or  slid over to make room for another machine much easier than machines bolted down in a semi-permanent install.

Continental soft mount washer extractors also look different than everyone else's washers in the industry and in your neighborhood, which helps stores with these machines differentiate themselves from the competition. One way they look different is that they are not only heavy with more metal for your money but are much bigger in appearance making it easier to have higher vend prices for a premium wash.

Programmable water levels and add-on wash and rinse and spin options for customers make Continental washer extractors pleasing to everyone. By adding a credit/debit card feature, the open platform allows for easy programming from anywhere with any online device without the installation of special software.

Continental ExpressWash soft-mount washers are available in a full range of capacities from 20 to 90 pound for a total laundromat equipment solution. This is interesting because most manufactures only offer this range of sizes in hard mount machines. With a unique bronze finish, a laundromat outfitted with Express Wash equipment can stand out in both look and function.

The Specification Sheets for these washers can be found at the following links:

Compliment the unmatched extraction speeds of the ExpressWash washers with a full range of fast drying tumblers. Labeled "ExpressDry" these tumblers not only truly use fewer BTU's than other available models but because of their expert balance of heat, airflow and mechanical action are quick to dry loads washed with even conventional low speed spin hard mount washers. By putting these together with ExpressWash washers that already wring more water out of laundry, your customers will be grateful to you for giving them back something precious...time.


ExpressDry tumblers are available in 30 pound and 45 pound stacked models as well as single tumbler units in 30, 55 and 75 pound capacities. Rich in features, ExpressDry tumblers come standard with programmable controls, large lint screens and stainless steel rear basket panels so the tumblers look bigger and brighter inside. Available inverter driven motors provides for auto reversing baskets and a smoother quieter operation to promote a more modern upscale environment in your laundromat.

Below are the links to specification sheets for each drying tumbler:

*note the difference in stainless steal cylinders on a new stacked tumbler verses the old dark holes of a galvanized cylinder machine.

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