Speed Queen Vended Equipment

As an industry leader, Speed Queen pours over 100 years of market and manufacturing experience into its vended laundry equipment with a rich control system and other features known as "Quantum." What is Quantum?

Washer Extractors (click for specification) 

Many factors contribute to your laundry's profitability, but most prominently featured are its washer extractors. These machines, by virtue of their size and superior washing ability, are what draw customers and produce profit. Successful coin laundry owners understand this and will install a variety of sizes. Speed Queen offers its popular SC models in sizes of 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100lb capacities.

A solid frame, made from robotically welded boxed plate steel is the base of stability, efficiency and more machine for your money. Compare the Speed Queen frame that weighs 100 pounds or more to others that weigh as little as 45.5 pounds or even 33 pounds. Where some machines rust, we use stainless steel and powder coated components. Double triple-lip bearing seals, easy to operate over-sized doors and availability of parts and service anywhere all add to the benefits of owning Speed Queen washer extractors. Coin operated washer extractors are protected by not only 3 and 5 year total parts warranty from the factory but also a 10 year warranty on frame, outer tub, cylinder, shaft, bearings & seals and the bearing housing.

Quality is not the only focus of our equipment, Speed Queen is also known for best in class customer friendly usability and efficiency. Large doors with comfortable intuitive handles for easier loading and unloading and always clean flushing soap compartments keep your laundry the favorite laundry in town. Wash cycle add-ons like additional washes and rinses give customers options and the owner room to be competitive while making additional profits.

Where some washers have a fixed water usage level that may start out costing you more on water bills, Speed Queen machines have 30 programmable water levels, drain valve and fill valve leak detection for maximum control over water usage balanced with customer satisfaction. When your store is more efficient by using less utilities, it is more profitable. Put these features and many more together with a wireless network where income, water usage to two decimal places and easy price & cycle programming can be done on Windows software, makes the long term decision of which equipment to buy clear.

Stacked Drying Tumblers (click for specifications)

Stacked tumblers have become a standard for the modern laundromat where washers and overall washer capacity continues to grow as demand and efficient space utilization increases. But the successful laundry is not only made up of enough drying capacity but also tumblers that dry loads as quickly and efficiently as possible.

stt3045nlc004Unique in commercial drying tumblers, axial airflow moves heated air from the back of the tumbler cylinder, through the laundry and out the front half of the cylinder. Most still use a traditional top to bottom air movement where the laundry tends to block air from entering the cylinder. This forces heated air around the outside of the cylinder and out through the exhaust duct resulting in lost energy. Axial airflow ensures every bit of heated air enters the cylinder and passes through the load. In some laundromats, tumblers are a cost center and profits are generated primarily from washers. Because of axial airflow and other smart design attributes, Speed Queen tumblers dry loads in surprisingly less time and with less gas allowing owners to make a profit and customers to finish laundry early.

Other features include cylinders that are supported at the front and the back preventing cylinder sag and damage to the machine caused by time and overloading. Each stacked tumbler has a vending mechanism for each drying pocket eliminating the loss of both drying pockets in the event of a single jammed coin drop. Patented elliptical holes in the cylinder of all Speed Queen tumblers prevent damage by allowing nails and screws to pass through to the lint trap. Most recently, inverter driven motors have made these machines quieter, more energy efficient and smoother in operation. Stacked tumblers are available in 30 pound for 60 total pounds capacity and 45 pound for 90 total pounds capacity.

Single Pocket Axial Airflow Drying Tumblers (click for specifications)

Single Pocket TumblerSpeed Queen single pocket tumblers offer customer friendly door heights, additional optional sizes in coin or card operated dryers and a large lint screen that cleans itself by depositing lint into a large storage area for easy removal.

Single pocket tumblers in 25, 30, 35 and 55 pound capacity sizes utilize many of the same feature of stacked tumblers including the efficient "Axial Airflow" design, cylinders that are supported at the front and the back and patented elliptical vent holes inside the cylinder.

Large Capacity Single Pocket Tumbler (click for specifications)

Large capacity tumblers common to hotel laundry rooms compliment large washers and stacked tumblers in laundromats by giving customers more options and creating a draw over competition. We often design these tumblers into new laundromats because they not only handle drying large bulky bedding and other items but move heated air differently from stacked tumblers allowing for a complete full service commercial laundry solution.

Small Chassis Vended (click for specifications)

Top Load WasherSpeed Queen continues to manufacture a high quality commercial top load washer where most have given over to very lightweight cheaply made machines only fit for light duty residential use or have given up altogether due to tightening water usage limitations. The vended top load washer provides an economical easy to use and install option for the laundromat, hospitality business and rental housing.

Speed Queen top load washers feature an available stainless steel washtub, metal outer tub, metal transmission gears, solid bottom and a commercial grade cabinet. A serviceable design, availability of parts and a factory warranty make this machine an investment rather than a disposable commodity.

Small Chassis Vended Stainless (click for specifications)

This flexible 21.5 pound capacity front load washer, sometimes known as a 'Horizon" offers easy installation and reduced operating costs by efficient water usage and very high 440 G-force extract speeds. Representing a lower cost alternative to the washer extractor, the Horizon is also a perfect replacement for old top load washers. A tall profile and large door makes for a big appearance and a larger vend in the laundromat or laundry room. Replacing 5 top load washers with Horizons not only increases wash capacity but can save the store owner 100,000 gallons or more of water per year at just average usage.

Unlike similar washers with tilted tubs that try keep water away from a poorly designed door seal, the true horizontal design of the tub in the Horizon increases contact between the laundry and the water for superior cleaning results. Steel drive components, stainless steel washtub as well as a stainless steel outer tub, instead of plastic, set this front load washer apart from others in its class. Available in a variety of optional configurations including a stainless steel cabinet, gravity drain and Speed Queen's fully programmable Quantum controls.

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