More Tips for Selling Your Laundromat

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We are back with more things to consider when you decide to sell your coin-op business. If you missed our last post, be sure to go back and check out for even more great tips on business selling tips.

Choosing the right time to sell your laundromat is dependent on many variables. After you have involved a commercial real estate broker in your decision and put your property on the market the real work begins. Let's take a closer look. If you're searching for the best Continental Girbau dealers SC has to offer, keep reading to see how T & L can help.

More Business Selling Tips

Make sure that your property is show ready. While this can be difficult when you have customers in and out of your property, your attendants can help make sure that your property is in tip top shape should a potential buyer come by. Buyers are going to be focused on the condition of the equipment in your coin-op. You should be regularly cleaning and checking the machines for leaks. The exteriors of the machines and the folding tables should wiped down several times throughout the day. Clear the front counter of any unnecessary items and move them to the back office. Wipe down the front counter and tables regularly. Cleaning the glass throughout the facility helps give it an extra polished look. The restrooms will need to be checked multiple times a day and the trash emptied. Replace burned out light bulbs throughout the facility - both in the machines and the overhead fixtures. 

Keeping your property show ready doesn't just include the interior of your property. Sweeping the sidewalk or keeping it shoveled makes the entrance neat and inviting. Make sure that your landscaping is spruced up and inviting. Keep trashcans near the entrance emptied and the parking lot picked up. Potential buyers are looking at all the details when they are coming to see your property. The exterior of your business is the first impression they receive and for many buyers determine whether or not they get out of the car. Make sure that your business looks neat, tidy and inviting. Replace any burned out light bulbs on your storefront and make sure that whomever maintains the lighting in your parking lot comes and replaces burned out bulbs in the security lights. Buyers want to see exactly what the area looks like during the day and at night. This speaks to the overall location and the safety of that location. 

Make sure that the back of your building is cleaned up, too. Get rid of all those old things you've been meaning to throw away. You can usually hire a junk removal company for a reasonable cost and they will do the heavy lifting for you. Use this as an opportunity to clean out the back office and get rid of any unused displays, old broken chairs or equipment that cannot be recycled. Ask your garbage collection company to bring you an additional recycling bin for all the papers and magazines you will be unloading. Locate recycling facilities in your community for old or damaged electronics that need to be discarded. 

Ensure that all of your vending equipment is clean and working properly. Buyers want to see that bill changers work, and that snack machines are well lit and function properly. Consider getting rid of machines that have caused you repeated issues during your ownership. If your vending area looks crowded, make it seem bigger by eliminating a less profitable machine. This is also a great time to have small repairs made. Call a plumber and get that running toilet fixed or install new fixtures on the sink to give it an updated look or to replace broken faucets. Painting small scuffs on walls or repairing damages gives your business a more polished look. Ensure that all doors open easily and that the fire extinguishers in the building are current. 

Your friends at T & L Laundry Equipment wish you the best of luck in the sale of your coin-op and in your next business venture!

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