Are Top or Front Loaders Better for Commercial Washers? continued

Maytag Dealers in Greensboro, NCWelcome back! We are here to talk more about commercial washers to help you choose the best for your laundry needs! If you missed our previous blog, visit back with it, before moving on. If you need a different option besides working with Maytag dealers in Greensboro, NC, call T & L! We'll move mountains for you!

As we mentioned in our previous blog, top loader washers are historically what people have been using for many, many years. Because they’re less expensive than front loaders, many families choose to have the top loaders. This is also the case for commercial needs. Some spas, salons, and other businesses choose top loaders over front loader options to save money. We can understand that.

In addition to saving money, they are also very easy to use, have controls and functions that are easy to understand, and have shorter wash cycles. This might save time for those businesses that have tons of laundry. As we mentioned in our previous blog, top loading washers are also much quieter than front loader washers.

The downside to these standard washers is that they’re much smaller than front loading options. There are no custom cycle options and they don’t have a great rating for saving water. Stain removal efforts aren’t as good as front loading washers because there aren't any custom actions. Many top loading washers have a steam function that helps with removing tough stains. In addition, top loading washers are not stackable. For those who need to save space, these won’t be a great option.

If you need to choose between a top loading washer or one that loads from the front, the biggest thing to consider is personal preference and your business needs. Take a look at the pros and cons for each. If you have multifamily housing units, a salon, or spa, you may want to consider the front loading machine for its large size and custom functions. We hope this information helps you learn more about each option. If you have any questions or would like to talk further about these machines, be sure to contact us. Our representatives are available to discuss any and all inquiries you might have.

Different Options for Maytag Dealers in Greensboro, NC

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