Why Having a Website for Your Laundromat Is Important – Part 2

Electrolux Dealers in Charlotte, NCAs we continue to explore the reasons why having a website for your laundromat is crucial, we turn our attention to what your site says about your business and how a great site can serve your customers. In our previous post, we outlined the importance of your website being professional in presentation, easy to use, and a source of information for your customers and potential customers. More than 90% of consumers rely on the internet to help them find the products and services that they need. Not having a website for your business means that you are missing out on hundreds of potential customers each month. Don't waste time searching for Electrolux dealers in Charlotte, NC. Call T & L instead. We'll save you money and time.

Increase Your Business Value
Customers, vendors, and other businesses will judge you by the look and feel of your website. A clean up to date website can help you influence your customers to visit during a special promotion or help convince a new vendor take you on as a client despite the newness or size of your business.

Sell Your Premium Services
Many customers will assume that your laundromat only offers vended washers and dryers. If you provide a wash, dry, fold service, your website can let potential customers know about this premium service. It can also help you entice your customers to add pickup and delivery to their service and help you market other desirable services that you can charge more for.

Inform Your Customers
Keeping your customers informed about special promotions, hours of operations, premium services, and other information is the primary goal of your website. Your site can also connect your customers to your mailing list, social media, loyalty programs, and reviews of your business.

Improve Customer Service
Your website should allow customers to find the answers themselves as well as connect them with you and your support staff. Frequently asked question (FAQ) pages can help customers and connect them with answers after business hours or when your team is unavailable. Having a contact form for your customers to alert you to issues at any time can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Know Where Your Customers Are Coming From
Having a website for your business helps you know where your customers are coming from and how they are finding your business. Using Google's free analytics tool, your small business website can turn into a powerful analytic generating machine that can drive your marketing dollars further and increase your laundromat's revenue.

Alternative Electrolux Dealers in Charlotte, NC

Don't have a website for your laundromat? Wondering what other trends you're missing out on? Let the laundry professionals at T & L Laundry Equipment help you stay ahead of industry trends with powerful business insights, the latest in Energy Star rated washers and dryers from Speed Queen and Continental, and the most extensive selection of genuine replacement parts in the area. Experience the T & L difference for yourself. Call or come by the showroom today to put our team to work for your business today!

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