Why Social Media is Important for Your Laundromat, Part One

Understanding why social media is important for your laundromat can be difficult. It's tough to see the value in something without having any information to back it up. Here, you'll find statistics from hootsuite.com that show you how much social media can influence customers, help small businesses and more.

Social Media Statistics for Laundromats | Affordable Speed Queen Dealers in North Carolina

  • LinkedIn users include 10 million C-level executives, 3 million MBA graduates, and 6 million IT decision-makers.
  • More than 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • People watched more than 50,000 years of product review videos over the last two years.
  • Pinterest has more than 250 million monthly active users. 77.4 million of those users are in the United States. That’s an increase of 7% from 2017.
  • Pinterest is used by 34% of Americans aged 18-49.
  • Pinterest remains more popular with women, as 41% of women use the platform, compared to just 16% of men.
  • Roughly 45% of YouTube users access the platform daily, and 29% visit multiple times per day.
  • Roughly 46% of Twitter users visit the platform daily, and 26% visit multiple times per day.
  • Roughly 63% of Snapchat users access the platform daily, and 41% do so multiple times per day.
  • Snapchat has 186 million daily active users. In the U.S., there were 84.8 million monthly active users in 2018. eMarketer predicts this will increase to 90.4 million in 2019.
  • Snapchat was the third-most-downloaded iOS app in 2018.
  • The average daily active Snapchatter opens the app more than 20 times a day and spends an average of 30 minutes in the app each day.
  • The top priority for businesses using LinkedIn in 2019 is to drive more leads (63%).
  • There are more than 175 billion pins on Pinterest, an increase of 75% since early 2017.
  • There are more than 30 million companies on LinkedIn, with more than 20 million open jobs.
  • Tweets with GIFs get 55% more engagement than those without. However, only 2% of Tweets contain GIFs.
  • Tweets with video get 10 times more engagement than those without. They are also 6 times more likely to be retweeted.
  • Twitter has 1.2 billion total video views per day. 93% of of those video views are on mobile devices.
  • Twitter has 321 million monthly active users. This is a decline of 3% from 330 million users in 2017. The number of users in the United States grew slightly in 2018, to 55.2 million.
  • Users post about 500 million tweets per day.
  • Users post more than 3 billion Snaps every day.
  • YouTube is the second-ranked social platform worldwide.
  • YouTube is the top social site for U.S. teens: 85% of them use the service.
  • YouTube users watch more than a billion hours of video per day.
  • YouTube was the most-downloaded iOS app in 2018.

Be sure to check back with our next blog post to learn more about these statistics and why social media is important for your laundromat!

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