3 Easy Steps to Seasonally Rotating Your Wardrobe

We recently discussed 8 Ways to Refresh Your Spring Laundry, including a suggestion to seasonally rotate your wardrobe. With so much to discuss, today we're going to take a deep dive and discuss 3 easy steps to seasonally rotating your wardrobe as well as the benefits of using this approach.

Why Should You Seasonally Rotate Your Wardrobe?

In our previous article, we mentioned that by seasonally rotating your wardrobe, you get the feeling of "new" clothes without the expense of a shopping spree each time you pull out that season of clothing from storage. But that's hardly the only reason to seasonally rotate your clothing. Here are a few more benefits of rotating your clothes that will make a huge difference in how you approach laundry this Spring.

Allows a Chance for Inspection

As you rotate your clothing, it's important to inspect each piece before hanging or putting it away. If there's anything that needs repair (missing button, pulled hem, etc), you can address the issue right away rather than waiting until you really want to wear the item.

Opportunity to Remove Ill-Fitting Clothing

Seasonally rotating your wardrobe also provides you with an opportunity to cull items that no longer belong in your closet. Perhaps you've been hanging onto a jacket that your mom gave you years ago in hopes of one day wearing it or maybe you're finally willing to part with that pair of jeans you once wore in college. Either way, try to remove the items that no longer bring joy or fit your current lifestyle.

Identify Gaps in Your Wardrobe

Seasonally rotating your wardrobe hardly removes the desire to shop the latest trends. In fact, when you move your Spring clothes over to your closet, consider what pieces you might need to make current items work better. This is particularly useful if you've been building a capsule wardrobe (using a minimum number of pieces to create a multitude of outfits). It's not always possible to buy everything you need at one time, so take a look at what's in your closet now and what you still "need."

How do you start seasonally rotating your wardrobe? 

Step 1: Inspect and Cull

Just as we mentioned above, one of the benefits of seasonally rotating your wardrobe is that you can identify items that need to be repaired, replaced or donated on a regular basis. In fact, once the process is in place, it won't be nearly the undertaking that it normally is at the start.

With that in mind, ask yourself these questions as you start inspecting and culling your closet. Don't forget to include shoes, workout gear, pajamas, special occasion clothing, and undergarments.

  1. Do I like wearing this item?
  2. What purpose does this piece serve?
  3. Does it fit me well? If not, could it be altered to fit?
  4. Does this item need to be cleaned or repaired?
  5. Does it need to be replaced?

As you're answering these questions, make 3 different piles: Keep, Clean/Repair, or Donate as well as a trash bag for any items that are beyond repair and have earned a trip to the landfill (try to limit the amount you trash as clothing is typically not biodegradable). Also create a wish list of items you want to add to your wardrobe, including any items that you're replacing.

Step 2: Sort Clothing into Seasons

Once you've taken care of any items that need to be cleaned or repaired, then it's time to sort your wardrobe into seasons. In this part of the country, you'll likely have 3 piles: year-round, warm, and cold, but do whatever makes the most sense for you considering your closet, dresser, under-bed storage space.

Now that your wardrobe is organized into seasons, it's time to send off-season items to storage and hang up/put away your in-season items. When cool weather comes along again in the fall, you'll go back to step 1 and start the process over (minus any major sorting of seasons).

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