Monthly Archives: February 2018

What Does “Turns per Day” Mean?

The term "turns" refers to the number of times your machines are used each day. As a laundromat owner, knowing how many turns per day your machines are used for can help you check the health of your business, know when your busiest days are, and project your revenue for the year. Calculating how many…
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Laundromat Boiler Maintenance and Safety Checkup

Routinely inspecting the boiler in your laundromat helps protect one of your business' most valuable assets. Preventing costly accidents in your laundromat has been made easier with automated features that can monitor your boiler for potential problems. However, these electronic monitoring devices are not foolproof. Routinely inspecting the boiler in your laundromat is a simple…
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Dealing with Bent Quarters at Your Laundromat

Are you constantly looking for ways to keep downtime at bay in your laundromat? If so, T & L is here to bring new information so you can catch issues before they start. Today, we are going to talk about bent coins and how they can cause serious damage to your machines. The vended commercial washer and…
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