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Need Vended Laundry Equipment? We Serve These Markets, Part Two

Are you the owner of a business or head of an operation that might benefit from commercial laundry equipment? If so, T & L can help. There are many more industries that vended equipment distributors can help besides laundromats. However, it's important not to overlook what we can do for self-serve laundromats. Today, we begin…
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More Items That Should Never Go in the Washing Machine

Welcome back to our continuing series on things that should never go in the washing machine. In our previous post, we covered items that can be damaged by a trip through the wash as well as items that can be ruined by washing them. For more information on these items and how to clean them,…
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Items That Should Never Go in the Washing Machine

Tossing your clothes in the washing machine seems like a no brainer but did you know there are some things that should never go into your washing machine? We aren't just talking about those dry clean only garments that you have hanging in your closet. Knowing what is okay to wash and what isn't can…
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